Atheist Richard Dawkins is banned from US radio station over ‘hurtful’ comments about Muslims, but he responds: ‘Why is it fine to criticize Christianity but not Islam?’

A row over free speech has broken out between scientist Richard Dawkins and a California radio station after a planned speech was cancelled.

The British biologist, a renowned atheist, had been due to speak at an event hosted by Berkeley-based station KPFA about his latest book.

But the speech was pulled, with organizers citing ‘hurtful’ statements made by Dawkins about Islam.

  • He hasn’t figured out the double standard yet?

    • k1962

      He’s figured it out. He’s just showing what hypocrites progressives are. They really cannot answer him because there is that double standard.

      • Don’t award Dawkins with any sort of nobility. He has none. He expected people to agree with him and is unpleasantly surprised that they were not.

    • Will Quest

      They pulled an M-103 …..

  • Dana Garcia

    Why did the radio station invite him to speak when his opinion of islam is well known and long-standing? Apparently ignoramus KPFA was hoping for a standard Christian-bashing screed.

  • deplorabledave

    ‘Why Is It Fine To Criticize Christianity But Not Islam?’

    A rhetorical question one must assume.

    • Gary

      Justin’s pakistani MP wants to bring the barbaric sharia blasphemy Laws to canada via M-103 .
      The current review for islamophobia in canada is a fraud because the islamists made sure that every comments about islam by non-muslims is islamophobia.

      Then we have the Fake hate-crimes that the CBC and STAR love to report as factual with no witnesses , no security video and NO arrests. This is great propaganda because it gets into a Print form to reference later on while the islamists fail to note that over 90% were fake while the rest were a dead-end report that got in the Media as an allegation only.

      Of course the hamas-funding NCCM ( CAIR ) is going to find rampant islamophobia because right after the Mosque shooting in January they had the suspect guilty while the USA islamic website also reported it as islamiphobia by a white christian that supported Trump.
      In fact , one Australian TV show and a US TV show had 2 different muslims on that repeated the islamists narrative which showed me that even the ” moderate ” muslims get played for suckers and assume the CBC is telling the truth.

      Here’s Ezra Levant exposing how Trudeau ordered the CBC to delete the first reports from the mosque by the muslims in it that told the Police that 2 persons clad in black with hoods spoke in Arabic and had AK-47’s to shoot up the place and then run out.
      About 8 hours later Justin and the CBC changed the story to a lone gunmen that was a white christian french canadian that supported Trump.

      Take note of how Trudeaa and Muslims claimed that canadian muslims were killed and they aren’t safe in their own Country. Yet the CBC didn’t say a word when there wasn’t even 1 Canada flag on a caskets.
      Trudeau was right in 2015… ” A muslim is a muslim , is a muslim . They had our passport just like Maher Arar and the Khjadr’s , but they are loyal to the ummah and the islamic hell-hole they crawled out from.

  • Alain

    Why? Simple, it is called sharia.

  • vimy

    Because they want to keep their heads.

  • BillyHW

    For a smart guy, he’s a bit slow.

  • bargogx1

    They’ll never answer that question because they know damn well they don’t have any kind of answer that won’t make them look like hypocrites and fools.

  • HJM

    Criticizing christianity is easy and risk-free. Criticizing islam may be dangerous to your career and even your very self.

  • H

    Though I think his criticisms of Christianity are simply weak and don’t
    hold up to scrutiny and further, despite his continual claim that
    atheism has been a benign societal force historically – which is simply
    absurd given the impressive body count wracked up by that ideology in
    the 20th century – I was starting to get a little bit of grudging
    respect for him for being an equal opportunity critic of religion.
    Then I see in the DM article he insists on using the weaselly word
    “Islamism”. The wimp: Islam is the problem, not this imaginary thing
    called Islamism.

    • andycanuck

      If an atheist gives you the “that was Communism not atheism and I’m an atheist and not a Communist” line of defence, then tell him would have been part of the French Revolution then. They even claimed it was scientific atheism driving them. (Also useful for any “but… but the Crusades…” crap.)

  • bob e

    This free speech thing is just gonna get worse ..

    • Tooth&Claw

      As long as there is little pushback, you’re right

  • Norman_In_New_York

    He ought to know better, given the mental pathologies of the San Fransicko Bay area.

  • lgeubank

    If Dawkins isn’t allowed to speak, you can still hear the gist of what he has to say in any dorm-room bull session.