Algerian charged with 1st-degree murder after stabbing of pregnant wife, death of baby

Sofiane Ghazi – a feminist like Justin Trudeau

A Montreal man accused of stabbing his pregnant wife, who remains in hospital, and prompting the baby’s death has been charged with attempted murder and first-degree murder.

The baby was born by emergency C-section following the stabbing of Raja Ghazi early Monday morning. The infant was in critical condition for several hours before dying in hospital. The woman was about eight months pregnant at the time of the attack.

Sofiane Ghazi, 37, appeared at the Montreal courthouse via video conference on Tuesday. He is also facing charges of car theft and making death threats.

  • David Murrell

    Brave man.

    • mobuyus


  • Shebel

    One less.

  • felis gracilis

    But there are no barbaric cultural practices in Canada. Justin told us so, and closed the book on them, so to speak.

    • He was only practicing his religion!

    • Gary

      Jean Chretien told us that there are No terrorists in canada. But the Toronto-18 and Momin Khawaji didn’t get that memo as terrorists.

  • Honor killings I’ve heard of, honor car theft too?!?!

  • David Murrell

    From the article, CBC News highlighted the fact that the baby, at the time of the final assault, was still unborn. CBC News mentions that, according to “legal ecperts”, technically a murder was not committed, since the unborn baby was a non-person.

    Stands to reason, according to the “legal experts”, that the good Algerian will get off on any murder charge. And since Sharia law states that a Muslim man can whack his wife on occasion, he should be able to avoid that charge as well.

    • He’ll be home for Christmas!

      • bob e

        ha ha .. that’s awful

    • Pro-abortionists love their mental gymnastics.

      • andycanuck

        Ask any Chinese girl “fetus”.

    • Literally Hitler

      Candidate for Order of Canada.

      • terrence22

        TrueDOPE has turned it into the Odor of CanaDUH

    • Maggat

      In any case it was simply an abortion. I can’t see anyone getting upset over it. (sarc)

  • john700

    June 13, 2026, Canadian Press:

    “The Canadian government of PM Justin Trudeau issued an heartfelt apology to Sofiane Ghazi and signed a settlement with Mr. Ghazi for CAD 12 million.”

    “Our goverment is very sorry for Mr. Ghazi’s horryfing ordeal suffered during the last 9 years. An investigation conducted by the RCMP determined that the former Conservative government led by Mr. Harper adopted islamophobic policies that traumatized Mr. Ghazi, causing him to act in the way he did”.

  • Shebel

    It is Always the ‘EYES’,
    Totally vacant and brain dead.

    • Tooth&Claw

      I agree. No life behind them. Islamic robots of evil.

  • Shebel

    I heard that he was an aspiring ‘Rabi’.

  • Piece of crap.

  • k1962

    Quelle suprise.

  • k1962

    The only thing I want to know is, is he a Canadian yet? If not, bye bye (after sentence served).

    • mobuyus

      Any sack of shit on setting foot in canada is afforded protections from the charter of rights, almost Canadian citizenship being conferred plus the promise of a large liberal induced pay off. Only for muslims though.

      • k1962

        One can hope that the criminal will be deported if he wasn’t smart enough to get citizenship.

      • Gary

        In 1985 a Judge ruled that the Charter used the word PERSON for the Rights. So when a Tourist didn’t want to leave they got a lawyer and demanded that they are entitled to welfare and housing as a Minority groups of PERSON’s which was Tourists.

        The Judge agreed that Tourists were a Minority group and now it costs us about $500,000,000.00 a year for the scam artist Immigration consultant and Travel Agents that coach people to get to Canada and refuse to leave by making a refugee claim.
        The $700 million a year has a 70% failure rate which is where i get the near $500 million. But that is only the Welfare and legal AID , each women that pumps out an Anchor-baby while here just bills the Health care system the $28,000.00 Hospital Bill and then there is the free Education per child while never paying any Taxes on welfare.

        Gotta love those Liberal Judges that still get paid no matter how broke we get by their Rulings. The only good news is when the system collapses all those rapefugees and welfare parasites with no food will be at their gates to break in and murder their family to steal the food and have a place to sleep for the night.
        Boy are the CUPE member in for shock when that gold-plated pension was gold spay paint on paper Chinette as part of fooling the low IQ strata of sloth too stupid to see the Ponze Scheme even when 80% of the budget was capital costs for salaries and benefits with just 20 cent per tax dollar left over for actual services .

  • Alain

    Gee, it was another Algerian dude who shot a fair number of female students. You know the one used as an excuse to claim all Canadian males were dangerous and that guns are just as dangerous and must be registered, etc. Oh and by the way that was also in Montreal. Just saying.

  • bverwey

    Chalk up another rage event by an “Asian”

    • k1962

      I think that’s what the Brits call Pakistanis. Still stupid, I know. This is a regular run of the mill angry Arab.

  • bob e

    Sick to death of this izzlamic behaviour ..

  • Gary

    Wait….so if it was an abortion to kill an 8 month of fetus we would hear Justin support it and hold up the Charter Right to murder a baby if you call it a fetus.

    Reminds me of the driver that crossed over the center line and crashed into a vehicle to kill the driver and the wife’s baby inside her that was about 6 month old. It was about 1 month earlier when I heard a Judge affirm the Abortion Rights over a legal case where the Judge declared the unborn a non-human with no Charter Rights.

    So how the hell did a Judge charge the Driver for killing the pregnant wife’s Husband and the baby ( fetus) inside her ????
    Which one is it because it’s tough to follow the logic of liberals. Justin defended Omar Khadr and he said in 2015 that a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian…….but Maher Arar was a Syrian is a Syrian is a Syrian for about 26 years and when he got his Citizenship for canada he was outside the Country for about 50% of the next 4 years and globe trotted to radical mosques .
    Arar was denied entry to the USA at the JFK airport as a young male sunni muslim Syrian on a Canadian passport. A failed entry at a Port or inland Airport means that you are returned to the Point Of Departure . Arar left Tunis to fly to the USA which was the Point of departure where he had to return . But Tunis refused to let him on a return flight for fear of the family making an asylum claim because they fled Canada for Tunis and live with Monia Monsigh relatives that were tied to a pro-jihad Palestinian org banned in Tunis and they couldn’t deport them .

    What would have happened IF a shoe-bomber jihadist from Syria had a fake Canadian Passport and wanted to be stopped in New York and denied entry where they would know they would be put on a Plane to Canada with mostly Canadians that he wanted to kill by blowing up the plane at 20,000 feet .
    Any muslim victim on that plane would have a relative that would get a Lawyer to Sue Canada for a Policy that allowed a Syrian with a Canadian passport that was denied entry to the USA at JFK and allowed to be put on a Plane to Canada when the terrorist originated their flight from Tunis.
    Maher’s passport had him listed as a SYRIAN. Where the hell did people think he would be deported to when Tunis refused to take him back ???

    A Syrian is a Syrian is a Syrian according the Justin. If I was an American in Canada that got my passport as a dual citizen and left Canada for Germany and tried to enter Syria from Germany 3 years later on a Canadian passport but was denied…..where would I be deported to if Germany refused me back …..Canada or the USA????
    Arar chose to live in Tunis as a Syrian on a Canadian Passport. His story was that he was on ” vacation ” and got a job offer but had to get back to canada while his AirMiles forced him to fly to JFK and then to Canada.
    But during the Inquiry it came out that the Arar’s didn’t report to the Canadian Consulate as a Tourist to get protection. Arar didn’t want the RCMP to know he fled Canada because we didn’t have an Exit-Policy to record who leaves.
    BINGO….. the USA contacted Canada that a Syrian man with a Canadian Passport deplaned at JFK Airport from Tunis by him self and is listed as a Syrian citizen . It was Maher Arar but the RCMP thought he was still in Ottawa or somewhere in Canada .

    We were LIED to and Arar got $10.2 million for unproven torture and his $400,000,000.00 lawsuit was extortion to settle for less because he DID NOT want the case to go to court and force him onto the Stand and risk Perjury
    where he gave the CBC one story in 2003 about being Tortured in JORDAN but then changed to to being Tortured in Syria .
    We now have a few Canadian born ISIS fighters found in Iraq that can sue us for $10 million each no matter what we do . Just look at example Justin just set for Omar Khadr where the $10.5 million was because we DID visit him and we’d still be sued if the didn’t visit him.
    We have muslims lawyers tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and they are pro-jihad as well as supporting the global caliphate.