Yasir that’s a Hate Crime…

Kevin Johnston charged with hate crime

Peel police say they have charged a Mississauga man with one count of willful promotion of hatred.

Kevin J. Johnston, 45, has been associated with a number of websites, including the Mississauga Gazette. He is scheduled to appear at Brampton court on Monday.

Peel police said the charge “stems from a lengthy investigation into numerous incidents reported to police, involving Kevin J. Johnston and concerns information published on various social media sites.”

At Queen’s Park, Attorney General Yasir Naqvi said the government “takes allegations of hate crime very seriously. Ontario prosecutes these cases vigorously, where there is a reasonable prospect of conviction.

“In a multicultural and inclusive province like Ontario, the promotion of hatred stands in direct opposition to our fundamental values of equality and diversity. Hate divides people and communities,” Naqvi said Monday.

Last year, a story published on the Mississauga Gazette site resulted in Mayor Bonnie Crombie filing a hate-crime complaint with Peel police. It was not immediately clear if that complaint prompted Monday’s charges.

  • Clausewitz

    Just another example of Bonehead Bonnie protecting her core constituency.

    • Yes it is.

    • Waffle

      The $1500 a plate fundraiser helped to grease the wheel.

  • Clink9

    The Wicked Witch Of Queens Park sends in the brown shirts.

  • Morticiaa

    Sadly this is just beginning and will get far far worse
    I recall a press conference here in Edmonton when Pam put up some ads on city buses here to counteract ads by Islamic connected terrorist funded groups that were advertising all the great benefits if Islam including saying it was the one true religion of Moses Abraham and Jesus…
    Pams ads to help save girls who were victims of honour killings had to be removed
    A huge press conference in front of city hall saying these ads the ones to protect girls were racist and the guy leading the charge, now an MP in the retard federal government
    Yup the truth about Islam is racist
    Yet they are oermitted to lie about their cult ontax paying city transport
    Well at least she stopped them advertising for their cult
    ALSO. A small protest in front of city hall against the terrorist Omar precipitated the Same type of backlash with several articles in the news papers and second bits on local cable networks of islamophobia. And racist dogs who were protesting the terrorist getting a 10 million payout
    A few years ago there were many more in favour of this hideous event

    • Gary

      Justin redid out Citizenship test and changed to Leaflet about canada where he took out Harper’s notice to new comers that Child-brdie and FGM or Honour-killing are not tolerated and are CRIMES in canada.

      Now muslims can rape little girl and murder their women as a Charter Right.

  • No specifics released… For police to lay a hate-related criminal charge, a criminal offence must have occurred – such as an assault, damage to property — and hate or bias toward a victim must have motivated the criminal offence.

    • bargogx1

      I’m sure that’s what they’re going to try to say, but this guy has simply been telling the truth too much. I believe he is about to become the Tommy Robinson of Canada.

      • They do seem intent on keeping the charge secret. That won’t be good for them.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Of course he should be charged.

    Liberal politicians are a historically disadvantaged group who should never be criticized!

    That’s why there used to be section 13 in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to protect such disadvantaged groups.

    • Jaedo Drax

      13. A
      witness who testifies in any proceedings has the right not to have any
      incriminating evidence so given used to incriminate that witness in any
      other proceedings, except in a prosecution for perjury or for the giving
      of contradictory evidence.

  • bargogx1

    Well, I see our Canadian authorities have started following the example of the British authorities in tracking down the filthy “Islamophobes”. We haven’t quite become the totalitarian state that Britain is yet, but I’m sure our glorious leaders are working on it.

  • Gary

    Attorney General Yasir Naqvi is the same person that stayed quiet over the Al-Quds jew-hating rally. Where was she when the Muslims cleric from Brampton had a YouTube video of his sermon to tell muslims that it’s good to stone gays to death because it purifies them before they meet allah.
    Then we had the Mosque right near John Tory and Wynne’s Offices where the Imam called for killing all the jews in canada.

    Sadly, the SCOC Liberal judges went down on muhmamad years ago and fear a burka clad suicide bomber coming into the SCOC building where Security wouldn’t stop the person as they got close and turn the 9 white Liberals into sloppy Joe’s as blood dripped down the walls.
    Muslims know that terrorism works to get their way from Liberals.


    • Alain

      When the Attorney General’s name is Yasir Naqvi, you know you are not in Canada anymore.

      • Will Quest

        Yasir Naqvi an other Paki politician s’planing the virtues of izzzlam to Canadians… If anyone knows how to do Blasphemy is Pakistan …

    • One Muslim has been charged with a “hate crime offense” in Ontario and they waited till he escaped the country before doing it. That was Salman Hosain.


      • Gary

        This is why I think the TPSB brought in a new Rule where the Police have to give mosques a notice 24 hours ahead of any visit even when it’s related to a crime or investigation .
        The Imam can tip-off any illegals or suspected terrorists and give them time to head to Pearson and flee canada.
        How odd though when that racist jew-hating Cop for PEEL Ricky Veerappan just walked in to a jewish temple while have his gun with him and then threatened him that he’d lose his job as a PEEL Police Chaplin if he let his temple host Pam Geller to talk about Women’s rights.
        It wouldn’t shock me if even the Fire dept was told to remove their Boots to enter a mosque while the females had to wear a Hijab under the helmet.

        I’m sick of these people on top of being of a American native background where I have seen what islam did to the Natives of every nation it invaded.
        Idiot Trudeau thinks that Iraq, Jordan , Egypt , Syria and Lebanon were always islamic nation even though islam wasn’t invented until the 7th Century. Muslims can have Medina and Mekkah…..but the are invaders and occupiers in all of the remaining 55 OIC’s ( org of islamic Conference) nations.
        France , Germany , Holland, Sweden and now England are close to being islamic just by the massive migration and breeding …and Canada only needs time before it falls to a jihad take over.

  • Ho Hum

    This is a big deal for Canada . If Kevin is convicted anyone who is critical of Islam and barbaric Muslims will be arrested and thrown in jail thank to the muslim scumbag attorney General.

    I have followed Kevin Johnston since he came on the scene – watch every one of his youtube video (until the channel was taken down by youtube). NOTHING in his video’s crossed the line in terms of free speech. He has been very critical of Islam (as any sane person would be). He was heavily campaigning against Islam being preached in high schools. Kevin is a real scraper so if anyone can beat these charges it is him. He will not go away quietly.

  • Ho Hum

    Last winter it was reported that an Imam at a downtown mosque called for the killing of Jews (caught on camera). A complaint was lodged to police but I don’t recall charges being laid. I doubt that they have been or will be.

    In Ontario under the Muslim AG Yasir Naqvi it is OK to call for the killing of Jews but if you criticize Muslim you are going to jail.

    What is sad is NOT ONE person in the MSM see’s this as an attack on free speech. It reminds me with the fascist Toronto Police arrested Greg Alan Elliott because he argued with feminists over twitter. Elliott’s spent time in jail and it would take three years before he was cleared of the charges.

  • Ho Hum

    Kevin J Johnston speaks out