Why Canadians need to debate immigration economics

Simon Fraser University political scientist Sanjay Jeram is bravely going where few Canadian scholars — and virtually no politicians — dare to go.

In the face of an unspoken taboo against seriously debating immigration policy in Canada, Jeram says the time has come for Canadians to start openly discussing the migration issues they’ve been avoiding.

Money Quote:

“But it just doesn’t add up, because a working immigrant comes with dependants. And with rising immigration rates, that can become expensive and unsustainable. It’s nothing to do with race. It’s just economics.”

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    I see new “asians” working at the check-outs at Walmart and all kinds of unemployed “indians” still pounding the streets…I don’t think the Superstore here has a single “indian” on staff…

    • mauser 98

      neither do “native” casinos
      from day 1..casinos to provide native income
      …none ever said employment

  • Editor

    Facts, stats and logic will get him nowhere. Trudeau was elected and is supported by the “my fee-fees” crowd and press and the rayciss accusations should start any moment now . . .

    • PaxCan

      Funny thing is the last government to reduce immigration in response to an economic slowdown was back in 1983 and it was a Liberal government led by his father.

      I’d like someone to ask Trudeau the lesser if he thinks his father did the right thing or not.

  • marty_p

    We have to prioritize immigrants from groups that traditionally are employed or are entrepreneurs…
    That means – Koreans, Chinese, Jews, Indians (from India).
    End immigration of Jamaicans, Somalis etc who typically head straight for the welfare office.

    • P_F

      Please read the full article, here is what Sanjay Jeram has to say about fully employed immigrants:
      “But it just doesn’t add up, because a working immigrant comes with dependants. And with rising immigration rates, that can become expensive and unsustainable. It’s nothing to do with race. It’s just economics.”

    • PaxCan

      A lot of those entrepreneurs, if not most of them, open cash businesses, like gas stations and convenience stores, that employ themselves and family members.

      And since they’re cash businesses it allows them to cheat on their taxes by not reporting cash transactions.

      I don’t see how this kind of immigration is helpful either. If they were all Frank Stronachs then you may have a point.

  • Blacksmith

    Ah, I see he is a racist as well as an pisslamophobe, Indians can be racist right, or does that make him an uncle Tom, can an indian be an uncle Tom?

    • ismiselemeas

      I would say, judging by the photo, that that’s the least of his worries.

  • mauser 98

    economics..raise interest rates to attract foreign bond buyers to float PM Twink $$pissathon
    ….votes is job #1 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e869ee566e8296a43116417a01e37046d7483f46b1923a8a9da5b72f144fea42.jpg

  • ismiselemeas

    We also are unable to debate why we can’t debate why. Collusion between government and special interests create voter bloc pandering which keep governments in power and entrench incumbent philosophy. To question this is to question the government.

  • Starlord

    Automation, machine learning, robotic etc are part of the new economy= need less people to do the same thing today… but asshats want to bring in 500k more each year. MostLy from cultures that don’t mix well with Western ideals… equals disaster.

  • Ed

    “…It’s nothing to do with race. It’s just economics.”

    Dear boy, it’s always been about economics. The left used the “racist!” tool to get us to shut up as they imported new voters.

  • PaxCan

    The alleged economic benefits of mass immigration has never been fully explained by the government no matter which party is in power. It’s just assumed and we Canadians are expected to go along with it without question because it serves their political ambitions.

    However according to the OECD mass immigration brings negligible economic benefits to the host society.

    We also know most immigrants to Canada enter as either a dependent, sponsored relative, or refugee all of which require no pertinent job or language skills to get into the country. Only around 20% of immigrants are selected for pertinent job and language skills. The government claims over 50% of immigrants enter through the economic class but that includes spouses and dependents of the principal applicant skewing the number favourably.

    We also know immigrants are removing $24 billion from the Canadian economy by sending that money back home.

    We also know immigrants consume more in taxes than they contribute.

    Added all up the alleged economic benefits of mass immigration disappears.

  • Dana Garcia

    Automation has ended the need to import foreign workers entirely — western governments are crazy to continue immigration as if the workplace has not fundamentally changed.


  • Liberal Progressive

    When is the university going to fire this white supremacist?

    • k1962

      They might have to Jordan Peterson him.

  • bargogx1

    He’s just saying things that anyone with any common sense and a fully functioning brain figured out long ago.

  • Let’s look at it this way: what good is one doing bringing people over and then not giving them jobs? Aside from votes for Liberals, I’m not seeing how this is a good thing for the immigrants themselves.

    This is also supposing that people come to Canada as true immigrants who wish to be a part of the country.

    • Yo Mama

      They wish our country to become part of their Umma and their New Caliphate.

      • The wastrels, yes.

        That is another problem of unrestricted immigration.