Sweden explained?

From the comments on a recent Mark Steyn article:

Allison • Jul 22, 2017 at 15:39

We recently moved out of the Twin Cities for a host of reasons, but in sum they add up to the inability of my white male Christian children to live peaceably there. Minneapolis and St. Paul are the last truly livable urban centers in the US. Both cities are dense with safe urban neighborhoods with single family homes for dozens of blocks in all directions, walkable to thr bakery, ice cream shop, bookstore and the corner grocery, and where kids could play at the park unsupervised even as recently as 2008. Town as one might remember Chicago or Milwaukee or Philly before the violence of the late 60s. The cities are European in a few senses, especially in that people stay within their neighborhood. People choose to live where they grew up, moving home to the neighborhood after college to where their parents grew up and their grandparents too. And by neighborhood I mean within the same 4 square blocks. These cities themselves are not the modern full-employment centers of the suburbs of NoVa or SF Bay area or Austin or Raleigh-Durham, where people are all in modern high tech or rent seeking jobs. These are cities where your neighbor in a $400k house is more likely to own the deli or the pizza shop than be a lawyer or a software engineer. The nicer homes might have a nurse and a cop, or an ex cop turned corporate security. The nicest house is the guy who owns the best shoe repair business in the country, still family owned and operated. And in the midst of this they pretend everything is fine. Fine until you see that 1/4 of the cashiers at Target are in full burkas not just hijabs, and another 1/4 in hijabs. And the majority of the shoppers are in burkas. Another neighbor who is never going to leave St. Paul admitted that things were changing too rapidly for it to be okay, but people weren’t willing to mention it. And that’s another way they are European. These two cities are strongly Scandinavian in outlook, with both the excessive need for rule-following and the nearly ubiquitous passive-aggressive style where one cannot say out loud that anything is wrong. These are people who drive 55 in the fast lane in order to prevent someone from speeding and believe it’s moral to do so, but personal direct confrontation is abhorrent. So there is no venue for emotional discourse, no anger, no disgust. And so they roll ahead unable to put up a fight. Mark Steyn can’t wake them because it’s rude and inappropriate to say such things out loud. It simply isn’t done. And they cannot imagine that any culture isn’t as equally reserved and rule following. The Left put on their outbursts and the rest of the people who believe in their social democracy can’t bring themselves to see that Somalia can’t have a social democracy at all. (Emphasis mine – Ed.)

  • People have to start screaming, turning our cities into the 3rd world isn’t progress.

    • Will Quest

      the Cheery on this sundae is a lesbos cop & a feminist major who loves playing let’s wear a head scarf….

  • Brett_McS

    That sounds about right. That type of person can be found in any country, but it seems to be the dominant type in Sweden. I wonder that this comment wasn’t on the PowerLine blog.

  • Bless his heart

    Al Muslims that follow Sharia Law are invaders come to conquer the nation.

    That is by using the definitions of Sharia Law and US Law.

    The invaders never become citizens no matter that they have papers. They must be expelled.

    Obama and others have committed treason. No matter that Obama and other’s actions are rewarded by Sharia Law.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    We, the free, Christian, and enlightened peoples of the west need to understand that we have been hamstrung and largely disarmed through the demonization of our basic survival instincts and strategies.
    In-group bias, preference, and selection is practiced by all people in the world as it’s a perfectly natural and normal human desire that has been vilified by cultural Marxist with their own invented word of “racism”.
    All white people everywhere need to free themselves of the negative power of that word and be unashamed to practice in-group selection without apology or fear.
    Why? Because unassimilated and unassimilatible people that are culturally different from us are a social toxin that lower the quality of life for the rest of us. They thieve our social capital, appropriate our social services and living space, while in return they bring us literal disease, social disfunction, and dilapidation of the spaces that they inhabit, while wielding social power over our very livelihoods through the threat or usage of the word “racist” as a smear against our character.
    They, and their supporters, need to be physically removed from our midsts.

  • bob e

    Good post BM .. sad to watch us die ..

  • Tooth&Claw

    Confrontation is hard for many people. Assertiveness is not aggression and that’s where Europeans have an issue. It can be learned, however.