Hahahahaha! No discipline for Ontario judge who wore Trump T-shirt while shopping

An Ontario judge who wore a Donald Trump campaign T-shirt in public won’t be disciplined, according to a letter posted on the Canadian Judicial Council website last month.

Toni Skarica, an Ontario Superior Court judge who previously served as a Progressive Conservative MPP from 1995 to 2000, was spotted wearing a “Make America Great Again” T-shirt by Dundas resident Lorne Warwick while grocery shopping in June 2016.

Warwick, a retired teacher, said that he and his wife immediately recognized Skarica, and they were shocked to see what he called a “flagrant display” of support for a politician who had openly discriminated against Muslims and Mexicans during the campaign.

“I wondered about his ability to independently assess people before the courts,” Warwick said in an interview Monday.