Emmanuel Macron’s popularity rating suffers worst fall for French president in 20 years

Mr Macron’s approval rating dropped by ten to 54 per cent in July, compared to his popularity in June which was at 64 per cent, according to an Ifop survey published in the French newspaper Journal du Dimanche.

Lil’ Potato says, “Hold my beer!”

  • Hard Little Machine

    Voters are fucking idiots

  • Alain

    French voters were offered a valid and real alternative, something a lot of other places do not even have, and yet voted for a guy with nil experience, no children and who has some kind of mother issue. Too late now that they made their choice they must face the consequences of that choice.

  • Jay Currie

    Apparently, it is Trump’s fault.

  • WalterBannon

    So what. France is a dead man walking. Even if they voted against him in the next election, it will be too late in five years to do anything at all to stop the invasion by islam.

  • But … but … he was the best choice for the voter!