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‘Islamophobia,’ According To London Police

I believe that the Islamic religion is inferior to Christianity because it is not true, in my view. I expect that believing Muslims have the same view about Christianity, and non-Muslim religions. So what? That has nothing at all to do with whether or not I treat Muslims (or people of other non-Christian religions, or atheists) with respect and fairness, or whether or not they treat me with the same respect.

If people conclude that Islam is engaged in a “clash of civilizations,” so what? Seriously, so what? That is a debatable thesis. Would the London Met have arrested the late Harvard scholar Samuel Huntington for holding this view?

8/8. Do I get a prize?

Life’s a drag! Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau meets two cross-dressers at a gay pride parade – then dons his very own colourful outfit for a visit to a Hindu temple just hours later

Justin Trudeau stunned the crowds at a gay pride parade while meeting two drag queens – then turned up to a Hindu temple wearing his own colourful outfit.

The rainbow-clad crowd cheered as the Canadian prime minister walked through the streets with his family in Halifax.

Dressed casually in a pink shirt, he was upstaged by two cross-dressers wearing enormous wigs.

World leaders nod approvingly: “Kid’s making all the right moves.”

What drives Canadian youth to adopt jihad?

Who could have ever imagined a time in Canada when the “boy next door” could become a radicalized extremist who’s headed abroad for jihad?

According to CSIS, more than 120 Canadians have now gone overseas to join various terror groups. Just last week, two Canadians were among 20 women and girls recently captured by Iraqi forces hunting for ISIS militants in Mosul — once again highlighting the strong allure possessed by ISIS, and the phenomenon of youth radicalization.

UC-Berkeley adds ‘laser hair removal’ to student health plan

The University of California, Berkeley will soon add “laser hair removal” and “fertility preservation” to the list of “transgender student services” covered by its student health insurance plan.

The services will also be available to students with other medical needs, such as ovarian cancer, but were added specifically as treatments for “gender dysphoria.”

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Purge of Thomas Jefferson by LA Liberals Directly Attacks our Founding Fathers

Social Justice Warriors and triggered Cultural Marxists have waged a tireless invasion of desperation against the Civil War monuments and Confederate symbolism that the Southerner prides himself in, as well as trying to erase history.

Louisiana is no exception to the onslaught of Communist led rewriting of historical facts, and now it’s coming under the crosshairs of the Marxist backed insurgency which hopes to dry out the endless rivers of liberty.

Mainstream Media Admits CIA Not Only Armed ‘Moderate’ Rebels It Paid them Monthly Salaries

The United States not only paid to arm and train “moderate Syrian rebels” as part of a CIA program that did much more to aid ISIS than it did to fight it, but it also reportedly paid the rebels monthly salaries.

The Washington Post cited its infamous anonymous U.S. officials in a report on Wednesday, which claimed that President Trump “has decided to end the CIA’s covert program to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels battling the government of Bashar al-Assad, a move long sought by Russia.”