Wildrose and PC members approve unite-the-right deal with 95% voting Yes

Alberta Wildrose and Progressive Conservative Party members have voted 95 per cent in favour of ratifying the agreement to join forces and form the new United Conservative Party.

Of the 24,598 Wildrose members who cast a ballot, 23,466 voted Yes and 1,132 said No. The party said 57.7 per cent of eligible voters weighed in.

On the PC side, 27,060 members voted with 25,692 saying Yes and 1,344 saying No. There were 24 spoiled ballots.

Jason Kenney, who ran on uniting the two parties in his successful bid to lead the PCs, called it a great day for Alberta.

  • simus1

    Now to purge all the vote whores, rent seekers jockeys, and thinly disguised leftists who got them into their unholy mess in the first place.
    Hey, just kidding.

  • robins111

    Naturally the deputy premier (Fat Dipper) is calling them racist already.

  • Linda1000

    If Notley gets a second term in AB, the province is finished.
    If Trudeau gets a second term in Ottawa, Canada is finished.
    Other provinces that will be done also:
    Ontario, if Wynne doesn’t get voted out.
    B.C. if the Greenies/NDP get more than this current term.
    Quebec, well they get to spend everyone else’s money.
    Any more provinces to add to the list?