Why so much traditional mainstream news now sounds like oppo research

Because it is, literally. From Lee Smith at Tablet,

Fusion GPS was founded in 2009—before the social media wave destroyed most of the remaining structures of 20th-century American journalism—by two Wall Street Journal reporters, Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch. They picked up former colleagues from the Journal, Tom Catan, and Neil King, Jr., who were also well-respected by their peers. When the social media wave hit two years later, print media’s last hopes for profitability vanished, and Facebook became the actual publisher of most of the news that Americans consumed. Opposition research and comms shops like Fusion GPS became the news-rooms—with investigative teams and foreign bureaus—that newspapers could no longer afford.

As top reporters themselves, the principals of Fusion GPS knew exactly what their former colleagues needed in order to package and sell stories to their editors and bosses. More.

Reality check: Which explains why so much news about progressive government sounds like PR and so much news about government for free people sounds like oppo research. Many laid off reporters now work openly at packaging the oppo research as news.

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  • Millie_Woods

    For anyone who’s interested in the state of journalism today this is an excellent article. Although I don’t agree with her conclusion that there’s irrefutable proof that Trump colluded with the Russians to defeat Hillary, I do believe what she says about his supporters not caring if he did. The goal was to make sure she wasn’t elected…. ‘by any means necessary’, to steal a slogan from the left.

  • Malcolm Y

    Eye opening post. For some reason, I thought Fusion GPS was some murky Ukrainian security firm.