The ‘Amazon Washington Post,’ and Why It Needs to Be Destroyed

“As readers of PJ Media’s daily feature, Hot Mic, are aware, I’m not a big fan of Amazon. In the guise of ease, efficiency and allegedly low prices, it’s crushing the life out of the retail section in the United States, demolishing bookstores, big-box stores, department stores, grocery stores, record stores, and even smaller retail outlets, putting small businessmen, struggling authors and garage bands out of business. In so doing, it’s also killing job prospects for entry-level workers who might actually not want to work at McDonald’s.

In their place, it offers you Alexa, your very own electronic monitor and spy, sleeping right next to you on the nightstand in the innocuous guise of your smart phone or your tablet, monitoring your porn searches while it pretends to buy you Doris Kearns Goodwin’s latest book or a tin of Acai berry powder.”

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I’m thinking even farther down the line in that popular media needs to be destroyed.
    All of it!
    These media empires have so much influence over us and our lives, that even if we personally don’t listen to them, we have to always assume that our bosses and neighbors do!
    We must remove from them their monopoly and solitary ability to manufacture opinion.

    • Alain

      I think the key would be eliminating their monopoly and allow a truly free market to prevail. In order to do so is to end the cozy relationship they have with government, since they use government to create rules and regulations to ensure that they face no serious competition.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        That’s only part of it.
        I don’t think a free market is it, but instead the successful model might be more that of a public utility that has a free market respondent component built-in.
        Right now there is no mechanism in yanking back into position the entire “Overton Window” of allowable public discourse. There is no mechanism for self-correction at all.
        In that absence they have become their own “Pravda”, but instead of being the voice of the state they are the voice of the oligarchs that own them (NYT and WP), and the leftists that warped them into their compromised position that made them vulnerable for exploitation in the first place.

      • Millie_Woods

        Denyse linked to this earlier today. If anything legacy media (or what’s left of it) is getting even cosier with political insiders. And the new media is no better. It’s a long read and the author wanders off into Trump derangement territory but it’s worth the time. What I took away from it is, more than ever I trust my network of bloggers.

  • Millie_Woods

    What ‘porn searches’?

  • shasta

    A very long article by an author who is upset that buyers of his books are reselling them at a lower price thus allowing some people to avoid giving him money in perpetuity.

  • xavier

    I’m a tad unsympathetic about the whining. Back when tthere as an English language bookstore in my hometown the staff was apathetic nonresponsive with a sucky book selection. Ordering from them eas such a hassle. When Anazon came i helped put that bookstore out of business.
    As for the other sectors ask yourself why they have so much trouble? Maybe because they suck and have lousy choices and insufferable customer service? Also diffentuate yourself do some legwork and really find out What the customer wants treat them well and you’re fine