Ontario’s expensive hydro system unreliable

From Premier Kathleen Wynne on down, whenever the Ontario Liberals talk about the high cost of electricity they have imposed on us, they boast about creating a “clean, modern and reliable” hydro system as a result.

Those words are constantly repeated in public statements and press releases by Wynne, present and past energy ministers, and other Liberals, along with boasting about eliminating Ontario’s use of coal-fired electricity in 2014.

Except that through its continuing minority ownership in Hydro One, the Wynne government is now back in the coal business, with the utility’s announcement last week it’s buying U.S. power company Avista Corp for $6.7 billion, part owner of a giant, U.S. coal-fired electricity plant in Montana.

  • marty_p

    But…but…but it’s all the fault of Mike Harris.

    • Either him, President Trump, or Stephen Harper, or going back to George W. Bush!

  • Did anyone notice that Premier Wynne looks like one Orville Redenbacher?

  • Maggat

    Gosh, that woman is a hypocrite, who’d have ever thought?

  • irishrus

    Can tell Grandma is the man in her present couple-shit

  • simus1

    Looking forward to her next move as a cutting edge rent seeker’s friend/ backer. A bid for the US clone of The Grope&Flail seems like a natural.

  • Gary

    George Smithermen is walking free when it was him that gave us the Green Energy Act and Health care mess . How the hell did he think is was a good idea to buy power at .85 a Kilowatt and sell at about .13 cents .

    Maybe the gay brain is different which explains why they used to be Committed to protect them self and others. Today the mentally ill are called Advocates or Liberals .
    Bob Rae’s brain damage was so severe from his mental breakdown as the Premier that when he made a partial recovery he became a Liberal.

  • Bucky Barkingham

    This short article has nothing to do with the headline. Where is the news about Ontario’s expensive, unreliable hydro power system?