Let’s not forget there was once talk about charging Khadr here in Canada

There’s been a touch of historical revisionism under way the past few weeks concerning how we talk about the Omar Khadr case.

Not so much around what’s been actually said, but what’s being left out: that instead of having a public apology in hand, Khadr could have just as well have been left with a serious criminal record instead.

  • simus1

    Lefty vote whores in particular seem to have an affinity for violent muslim extremists. And quite an aversion to moral, peaceful, devout practitioners of any religion.

    • They are a sick bunch that way.

    • Watchman

      Peaceful members of any religion (or haters of all religions) won’t bring down Western civilisation so that the leftist wet dream of a Socialist path to eventual Communism can manifest. They think that all the hatred against the West will dissipate once Capitalism destroyed, or think that those remaining anti-Socialist can be re-educated or liquidated once the leftists are in charge.

    • Will Quest

      The virtue-signaling progs have butchered {halal} the fated calf for our prodigal son ………..

  • andycanuck

    If the Tories win the next election, they should re-institute the death penalty for treason; then charge Khadr with treason (for which I’d imagine there’s no statute of limitations). Say it was on the battlefield in a war zone and not e.g. in a civilian setting selling military secrets so he’ll be tried by a court-martial and not in a civilian court. Then carry out the sentence after his court-martial… or let him go if he’s innocent. (Ha-ha.)

    • Alain

      Harper had the chance to charge him with treason but was too scared of the MSM to act. Even without the death penalty, that would have totally changed things. Now it is highly unlikely that anything will be done to correct the situation and to remove the stain on the country.

  • Imagine if he had been found guilty in a Canadian criminal court.

  • Observer