Jewish council says anti-Semitism in Germany is increasing

Josef Schuster, the president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, says there are still parts of the country where it is considered dangerous to be Jewish.

“In some districts in major cities, I’d advise people not to identify themselves as Jews,” he said in an interview with the Bild am Sonntag newspaper. “Experience has shown that openly wearing a kippa or a necklace with the Star of David is enough to attract verbal or physical threats.”

Schuster said anti-Semitism was increasing in Germany, and accused the government of failing to “take the necessary actions” to tackle the trend. One important step, he added, would be the appointment of a commissioner to record attacks and serve as a point of contact for people targeted by prejudice.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    So, we have to read all the way to the end to find out that it’s not Germans at all that are the source of the anti semitism but Muslim immigrants.

  • k1962

    And the same situation will happen in the U.S. and Canada since Muslims make up such a large number of our legal immigrants and the illegals who cross the border from the U.S. or come other ways. I feel bad for my kids and everyones’ kids because this hatred only begins with the Jews, but expands to include everyone.

  • Reader
    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Unlike most immigrants to America, Wernher von Braun contributed far more than he took, and we should be grateful for him.

      • simus1

        His big mistake was teaming up with the US Army and Chrysler prior to the later money avalanches going elsewhere. He got stuck building rockets and spacecraft that actually worked without the constant billion dollar redoes available to other more Congress friendly enterprises. When General J B Medaris, who was his boss at Huntsville, retired from the Army he was offered the top job at Lionel Toy Trains. Nice.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          That is a shame!
          Our greatest heros are always treated the most shabbily.

    • Gary

      I think he is the same comic that sings.. .National brotherhood Week . Back when comics weren’t clean enough for TV it was normal to buy an Album from a live show . On Sunday nights during High school days I had a stereo to listen to a 9:00 pm comedy hour and then the Boston Pops with Author Feedler since I was taking music and in the school band .
      It was a whole different experience to hear comedy in the dark where you had to imagine what was going on during a story as if it was in real time because you weren’t seeing the comic on stage and and animated .

      The atomic bomb changed the outcome of WW2 because Olivia Chow and Barbara Hall and Justin’s dad would have been speaking Japanese of German .
      How sad that these types are so detached from their conscience that they spit of he grave of the War dead. Chow didn’t lose to Miller from racism…..she and Layton hated canada and western values even though lots of White men died to stop the Japanese from slaughtering her Parents and and grand parents.
      As for Chow’s rants about the Head-tax under British rule in Canada. The rulers in China imposed it to deter the garment and textile workers from fleeing to the British Colony to help their Textile Industry. Workers caught in China’s harbours on cargo boats and fishing boats trying to sneak out were executed on the spot and dumped in the water to rot as an example to others.
      The UK cut a deal to impose the tax for China’s rulers in exchange for not executing them and just return them on shore .
      I guess Olivia being a communist and selfish parasite for 30+ plus years at the public trough would have been happy with skilled worker being shot by the harbour Police for trying to flee but it’s okay for her parents to come to canada for her benefit.

      I never like her because her words were thrown together to make a point and not from true feelings where she didn’t need a script to express her anger or faux compassion.

  • simus1

    That is like watching an entire clan from a cannibal tribe move into the high rise half a klicklometer down the street and months later start complaining to anyone who will listen that some of your relatives have recently disappeared.

  • Gary

    Same here in canada. In fact….. when the muslim population went from 250,000 to 1 million for a 400% increase we saw the Crimes stats show how Honour killing are up 400% . Muslims are 99% of the killings only because a sikh guy killed a women by an honour killing .

    Our problem is that CUPE and the TDSB has a high number of jew-haters which is why they align with the islamists .