Is There Life After ISIS?

Rita is a 24-year old Christian woman from Telskuf, Iraq. Prior to Islamic State’s control of the area, some 10,000 people lived in Telskuf, making it one of the largest Christian villages in the country. The village was primarily Chaldean Catholic.

Today just 2,500 still reside there. The vast majority fled the country.

  • Millie_Woods

    Not to make light of children dying but that picture looks staged.

    • Yes
      Staged, no doubt, by ISIS

    • Gary

      That’s what I thought because 2 of the children are limp like a real corpse would be.
      I watched the documentary about Gaza and it was a fraud within the first 10 minutes. It was called ‘a death in gaza ‘ about how muhammad died. But during the film they used a boy named muhammad to infer the IDF killed him , except that at the end a person named Muhamad did die at the Hospital but it not the boy portrayed as the muhamad through out the film.

      One funny part was when the Extra’s were around the ER entrance
      jumping and yelling to create action and chaos , the ambulance pulls up wit the boy in the back and blood all over the gurney. When they pulled it out it tilted and boy got off to walk away but an arm can be seen directing him to get back on because he was shot .
      In the OR few people had rubber gloves or masks while the gurney blood was dry and actually painted earlier. It was a comedy because right as some women is telling a reporters about poverty and the IDF fighter jets flying over head…. a full size 4 door Benz drives by in the back drop while the location had me do a Google map search and they were at an Airport right under the take-off area of the runway at the end of it near the Airport security fence.

      Boy those muslims are stupid or think we are just as stupid as them to buy their BS .

  • yes
    islam is a culture destroyer and must be eliminated.
    Fortunately, we are in the Age of Peak islam

    • Tooth&Claw

      One hopes so. The problem is introducing the followers of Mohammad to a western nation is like introducing rabbits to Australia.

      • pigs to Hawaii