How tolerant should liberals be of Islamic theocracy?

I quite enjoyed James Fergusson’s exploration of British Islam – Al-Britannia, My Country. If it is done intelligently, I approve of someone accentuating the positive, reminding us that the majority of British Muslims have successfully integrated to a large extent, and that optimism is warranted.

But I have a couple of quibbles. He spends much time arguing that it is dangerously wrong to conflate conservative Islam with extremism – the alleged sin of the Prevent programme. We should tolerate those who disparage gay rights or feminism, rather than accuse them of extremism, which will drive them underground.

Fair point, but I feel his argument misses a central issue. If ‘conservative Islam’ disparages pluralism, and the secular nature of our politics, and idealises theocracy, then it surely overlaps with extremism. You could say that an extremist is a conservative who wants to put his ideas into practice.

  • Martin B

    “I approve of someone accentuating the positive”

    Only an insane dhimmi could find anything positive about Islam, let alone accentuate it.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Since I am no longer a liberal, this is not my problem.

  • irishrus

    Liberals hate Christians of their own race so much, they use Islamist terrorists who would actually harm them to continue their beatings on Christians

  • This clown contradicts himself with practically every sentence:

    “At one point he discusses an imam called Suliman Gani. ‘Like all imams, he believes in and prays for the global establishment of an “Islamic state”. But this is an almost abstract ambition for some unspecified time in the future; it is part and parcel of being a Muslim…’”

    So, he admits that Islam’s sole objective is the subjugation of the whole planet to its vile precepts and that that objective is a fundamental part of being a Muslim, but because it can’t be pinned down to a specific date (eg next Tuesday), that’s alright then.


    “In mosques, ‘it was impossible not to notice the youthful energy on display, the vibrant sense of belonging to something bigger than the sum of their selves.’”

    So the fact that low-IQ Muslims are effectively zombies programmed through hysterical fervour to serve only the Islamic hive-mind, to the serious detriment of their countries and fellows, their families and even their own children (often killed for being ‘un-Islamic’), is “vibrant” and therefore unquestionably a good thing?

    I wish I could write specious tripe like that and get lauded and paid for it.