Here’s a putdown of the Amish: Some thoughts

From History in Orbit:

These facts about the Amish might revise some of the assumptions you had about what life in their world actually looks like. Some of their cultural practices are charming, and some are downright bizarre. More.

Reality check: It is only dangerous/illegal to write that sort of thing about grievance and entitlement identity groups. Which is part of what’s wrong with the progressive promotion of such groups at the expense of others.

It shouldn’t be dangerous/illegal to write that kind of thing about any group. The punishment for serious offences should be social disgrace, a presumption that the author is not someone we want to know, introduce as a friend, hire, or promote. That’s how a civil society should deal with genuine bigotry.

Progressive tyranny does not produce civil society; it produces tyrants, grievance mongers, snitches, suck-ups, dim but contented cows, and the like. All waiting their chance at revenge.

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