Greece: Muslim refugees terrifying and driving out Christians

Several clashes have broken out in recent days at Lesbos Island’s Moria Camp for refugees, with Greek authorities arresting 35 Muslim rioters who threw large rocks at police officers and set fire to tents both inside and outside the bounds of the camp. A disabled Christian was nearly burnt alive while sleeping in one of the shelters, reports Pakistan Christian Post.

  • tom_billesley

    A regular occurrence in Sweden:
    A 20-year old man in Kramfors, northern Sweden, has been arrested on suspicion of arson after he set fire to his asylum accommodation.
    He could be objecting to having been sent to the boondocks.

  • bob e

    solution is simple. put their asses on a boat & kick them off when it hits Africa ..

  • Hard Little Machine

    Greece figures hey what the fuck we’re broke anyway. Let’s pour some Metaxa and dance before they outlaw music like ISIS

  • Alain

    Expecting anything different is like expecting a tiger to be vegetarian. This is what Muslims have always done and continue doing.