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Scientists: Suck CO2 out of atmosphere or face the consequences

We need to start removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as soon as possible. If we don’t, future generations will have to choose between biblical weather events or spending trillions of dollars trying to avoid them. This is the grim prognosis from an international team of researchers led by former NASA climate science chief, Professor Jim Hansen. Speaking to the Independent about the team’s latest research, Hansen said the “shit is hitting the fan” in terms of current climate change progress.

These are the same people who want us to become vegetarians. Think about it.

Study: Nearly Half of Liberals Feel Disdain for Trump Supporters, Conservatives Far More Tolerant

Nearly half of self-identifying liberals feel their relationship with a friend would be strained if they voted for Donald Trump, while conservatives remain far more tolerant of their liberal counterparts, a study from the Pew Research Center has found.

Such sentiments were also endorsed by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton last year, who described half of Trump’s voters as a “basket of deplorables,” made up of “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic” people.

Trudeau at the Vancouver Pride Parade

Trudeau becomes first sitting PM to march in Halifax Pride

Throngs of people lined the streets of downtown Halifax Saturday to see a sitting prime minister walk in the city’s Pride parade for the first time.

The rainbow-clad crowd erupted in cheers as Justin Trudeau marched in the procession with his family at his side.

Trudeau was dressed casually in a pink shirt and white pants, while wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau wore a wide-brimmed hat to shade herself from the sun.

How proud of him you must be, Canada.

Jail Offers Reduced Time For Inmates Who Get Sterilized

The White County, Tennessee, jail is offering its inmates 30 days credit if they agree to be sterilized.

General Sessions Judge Sam Benningfield signed a court order on May 15 for the unusual offer that extends to all inmates, male and female, notes WTVF.

The Tennessee Department of Health is offering men free vasectomies, while women can get a free Nexplanon implant to stop them from having children for four years.

Why aren’t the women permanently fixed, like the men?

Kalashnikov Group Announces Fully-Automated Combat Robots

Kalashnikov Group Communications Director Sofiya Ivanova announced the automated weapons only days after a visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin. She said that the manufacturer “will unveil a range of products based on neural networks” in the “imminent future.” In a statement to Russia’s state-run TASS news agency, she added that “a fully automated combat module featuring this technology is planned to be demonstrated at the Army-2017 forum.”

Rabbi Shmuley: Roger Waters’s Hatred Eclipses His Talent

Every now and then, former Pink Floyd front man Roger Waters rises like a ghost from the depths of his own depravity to spew his blatant Jew-hatred shamelessly across the airwaves. He can’t help it.

Like a belch that cannot be suppressed, Waters’s dislike of Jews consumes his being and cannot be held down. Like Haley’s comet with hair gel, he seems to take another pass at our attention every time we, understandably, forget that he exists.

Sheer poetry.

CSA General Robert E. Lee (PBUH) on Traveler

Making Changes to Erase History: Righteous or Wrong-Headed?

Let’s talk of court news: who loses and who wins, who’s in and who’s out. Sometimes this is hazardous. In the Soviet Union, when ruled by Josef Stalin, truth was determined from one dictator’s edicts to the next. One of the few witticisms to originate from that period indicated wariness: “In the rest of the world, it’s impossible to predict the picture, but in the Stalinist Soviet Union, it’s politically dangerous to predict the past.”

History is written by the winners; who do you think is winning right now?

People on Welfare Need to be Drug Tested

Don’t get me wrong here, I am all about helping someone who is in need. I think the elderly and our veterans absolutely deserve to have extra help if they need it. I also understand that some people fall on hard times and need a crutch to help them hobble through until they can stand on two feet again.

However, there are many able-bodied people who cheat the system and simply accept their free government assistance with two open hands. I say one of those hands should have a job application in it.

h/t Mom

Ryerson grad Shahad Mahdi makes clothing that is playful, while still meeting the needs of those looking for modest attire.

Muslim designers push forward modest fashion movement

Despite the arrest and subsequent release this week of a young Saudi woman wearing a miniskirt in a video that went viral, a growing number of Canadian fashion designers are looking to prove that fashion for Muslim women can be both modest and fun.

Shahad Mahdi is one of the 14 designers showing their collections at the Mississauga Fashion Week’s third edition, set for Saturday night at a hockey-rink-turned-runway.

What could encapsulate today’s Canada more than a hockey rink turned into a Muslim fashion show?

Fight for the Future Offers $15K for Full-Time Anti-Trump Activists

“Terrified about Trump? Quit your job, start an A-Team. We might just fund it,” reads Fight For The Future’s A-Teams project page. The A-Teams project offers as much as $15,000 for the first month to political activism teams to fight a wide range of social and political issues listed on the website, including, “Healthcare / ACA, Climate, Immigration, The Wall, Corruption, Racism / Fascism, Police, Prisons.”