Al-Qaeda has a U.S. hostage in Africa, and he is being hidden

Al-Qaeda factions in Africa have been displaying at least six of their hostages on camera in recent propaganda videos, in what amounts to a bid to drum up ransom business. But an American man who is also being held has not yet appeared.

In October, militants allied to Al-Qaeda kidnapped Jeffery Woodke, a 56-year-old aid worker, from his residence in the town of Abalak, Niger. He had worked in the country for decades and was helping with drought relief and food shortages. The mayor of his town decried his kidnapping as a “devastating shock” to its residents.

  • Blacksmith

    While I can sympathize with the plight of poor nations, they really have only themselves to blame anymore, The west has been propping them up for decades. If you go to work in one of these crapholes you have to be aware of the potential consequences of your actions.

    • and increasingly in the West.
      Listen to what Kedar has to say about muzlims, right out of the gate:

      Mordechai Kedar in al-Jazeera about Jerusalem & Islam

      • A Hamilton Guy

        Mr Mordachai calls it as it is. Good for him

  • Can’t we just all get along……?

  • simus1

    Suppose being an old timer he deserves to be cut some slack compared to the idiot do gooders who show up in hot spot places like north eastern Nigeria and manage to get snatched by terrorists the next day. That said, there is no reason to suppose he is even alive now and making a fuss just complicates whatever game is being played.