A play about RCAF Bomber Command in WWII with no ghastly preaching?

Yes, it can be done. I saw a wonderful play about Canadians in Bomber Command in WWII out in Millbrook, Ontario. It gives me hope for the arts in Canada.

RCAF No. 6 Group aircrew walking to their Handley Page Halifax bomber in October 1944. (Photo: Department of National Defence PL-3394) The play is Bombers: Reaping the Whirlwind:

At its peak in the early 1940s, No. 6 Group Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) comprised 15 heavy bomber squadrons that operated in Europe out of airfields in Yorkshire, England. The squadrons in No. 6 Group raided U-boat bases in France and conducted night bombing raids on industrial complexes and urban centres in Germany. In all, No. 6 Group flew 40,822 sorties and dropped 126,122 tons of bombs — and lost 814 aircraft and 4,203 airmen in the process.

“This play is an incredible tribute to the men and women who served, most of whom are no longer with us,” says 4th Line Theatre’s Managing Artistic Director Kim Blackwell. “And for their families, who work tirelessly to ensure the sacrifice is not forgotten, Bombers allows them to honour their family members.”

It was a moving experience for those of us whose fathers were RCAF airmen. It showed the suffering on both sides and the pain that survivors carried with them into old age.

But it was handled with dignity. There was not a single leftist [horsehole] in the entire story.

Canada’s stories can be told with authenticity. It is sad to think of the many decades lost to precious artistes, blathering about themselves and their largely unshared angst on government grants over the last 60 years.

Not that they did it and got paid for it but that they drowned out so many better, truer, and more important stories.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I would have loved to have seen that!

  • Millie_Woods

    Nice that this story can still be told without making the usual insinuations of allied atrocities. As Andrew Brietbart said “the left is making us the villains in our own stories”.

  • David Murrell

    The problem is is that few people will get to see this play, produced and shown in a small town and all.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      Never in shitty TO.

  • Spatchcocked

    My friend 94 years passed away recently 6 months ago. Gunner on Halifax bombers based in Yorkshire. Did his 35 tours. His whole high school class in Winnipeg joined up…..his squadron fancied themselves the Thunderbird squadron.
    Kept his wits till the end.
    Their saying was “goner today goner tomorrow”…….and we got eggs for breakfast when we returned from a mission.
    He was highly amused at the behaviour of the younger generations.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Most plays are written by gutless pricks who wouldn’t defend their own mothers. Lefty criticism is used to show their bravado. God bless those who served. My uncle carried mental scars till the day he died.

  • ontario john

    They obviously didn’t get a grant from feminist Trudeau, or they would have been forced to have black, lesbian, muslims in wheelchairs, in starring roles.

  • Minicapt

    To be more accurate, it was No 6 Group Royal Air Force. The personnel of the Group were drawn from the Royal Canadian Air Force. The Group remains on the RAF Order of Battle, and is ‘to be manned by RCAF’ if reactivated in future conflicts.