100 New York Times reporters accept “death panel” buyouts

In the form of buyout packages. From Keith J. Post at New York Post, we learn that 100 emplyees have accepted death panel buyout packages. From Adm Shaw at Breitbart:

Grant Glickson, the president of the employee’s union NewsGuild, told the New York Post that the Times had eliminated the title of copy editor and had offered buyouts to some reporters, photographers, and design staff. However, the Post notes that while the newsroom has been gutted by 100 employees after what it deemed the Times’ “death panels,” it is not clear whether involuntary redundancies will follow.

Of course they will. Shaw also notes, re a recent pushback from employees:

Breitbart News reported at the time that the protest was curiously low-energy, with many staffers refusing to talk to reporters — especially Breitbart News.

Newsroom staff had penned a letter to management expressing their grievances and painting a picture of devastating morale in the newsroom.

Reality check: In their hearts, they know that going digital will not save them. Online media is the home of the upheld handheld, not of Gray Lady gatekeepers. Everyone who didn’t waste time at J-school knows it. Essentially, the people who are still there are not the brightest or the best anyway.

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