Why Wynne will win, or lose, in 2018

Don’t look now, but Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario Liberals are climbing in the polls just in time for next spring’s election.

The Liberals’ rebounding prospects aren’t surprising.

For several months the Wynne government has concentrated on retail politics, including a dramatic increase in the minimum wage and kicking $45 billion in hydro costs down the road to pay for a rate decrease now.

Combine all of this with the recent generous wage increases offered to public sector unions and it isn’t shocking Wynne and the Liberals are back in the race.

Just wait for the avalanche of debt-financed goodies Wynne will shower on every competitive riding over the next six months.

  • Surele Surele

    I’m not very optimistic: as more and more people are dependent on the dole ( and the libs are creating a new army by rising the minimum wage) we will forever be facing this conundrum. Wynn and her libs are masters in increasing their vote base. Bribing us with our own money.

  • mauser 98
  • Tooth&Claw

    Why this horse faced, homosexual, lying, money/power grubbing, ideological leftist hag hasn’t been tarred,feathered and marched through the legislature is beyond me. I guess Ontarians like that sort of government representation.

  • CodexCoder

    We need a true conservative party, not populated with road to hell pave with good intentions progressives, that produce waste and no progress. As much as I don’t want to say it, being a conservative, Wynne will be re-elected because Patrick Brown is a wishy washy loser.

    • PaulW

      I personally decided some time ago to vote for the Trillium Party: they seem to be bona fide conservatives.

  • David Murrell

    The corporate media, all of them, support the corrupt Wynne government. Look for lots of puff piece building up her criminal government. Look for Justin Trudeau to help out. Finally, the unions will start a heavily-financed ad campaign against the PCs. What people don’t realize is that Ontario is a cesspool of corrupt, high-debt politics.

  • PaulW

    The bill will come due at some point, for all the corruption and outrageous accumulation of debt over the Liberals’ time in office. Whether it will be in a year or a decade or in 20 years time, come due it shall. And if you think things in this province are bad now ….

  • simus1

    My hopes are small ones.
    Seeing Patrick Brown defeated in his own riding and GLLKDW under arrest would not displease me.

  • kkruger71

    The unions are big enough now no-one can successfully campaign on a policy of bringing them to heel in any major way, and we are stuck with the new minimum wage as it’s too big of a vote loser to fight it either. So basically until something catastrophic happens we are going to continue a downward plunge, eventually shatter, then rebuild.
    Almost has me thinking to vote NDP, just to hurry it along.

  • DMB

    Another reason why the PC’s need to dump Patrick Brown as their leader. Take the latest Liberal controversy involving the dramatic increase in the minimum wage to $15.00 hour. Brown is nowhere on this issue. He has not come to the defense of small businesses outlining the economic damage it will cause the economy and why it will NOT help low income earners. He could have made a bold move and offered to eliminate income tax to those earning less than $20,000 year which would have been far more beneficial to those earning minimum wage and it would not hurt the economy. Brown is too afraid of losing potential votes from those who are low income. Listening to Brown speak is like watching someone walking on egg shells. He can’t make any bold moves or tough decisions. Brown’s weakness is Wynne’s greatest asset. She will play on Brown’s weakness and if she wins it will be because of this.

    • Suz

      My buddy and I were just having this exact conversation. His opinion is that Brown has been told he will win and not to blow it by creating any controversy. I said that his silence is tacit agreement and/or weakness. In this age you have to express an opinion.

  • Alain

    You know you have serious trouble when the choice comes down to voting for the dyke or the butch.

    • andycanuck

      Which is which?

      • Alain

        Yes, I know how confusing it can be, but I think Brown is likely the butch from what I have seen of him. Still maybe I have got it wrong.