Who’s Going to Win the Cold Civil War?

A kind of slow-motion decoupling has been in progress since the middle of 2016, or whenever what Carl Bernstein called the “Cold Civil War” started.  Formerly sacrosanct red lines that maintained the truce are being crossed all the time now.  A letter from Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division asks “44 states to provide extensive information on how they keep their voter rolls up-to-date” in a strike at what the administration perceives as ghost voters.  State Department layoffs under Tillerson and probes into Post Office use of employee time to campaign for Hillary suggest blows to the heart of the Democratic public sector base. Reports that “Trump’s lawyers and aides are scouring the professional and political backgrounds of investigators hired by the special counsel, looking for conflicts of interest they could use to discredit the investigation — or even build a case to fire Mr. Mueller or get some members of his team recused” mean the administration is prepared to fight fire with fire.