“The Police are the Public and the Public are the Police”; Islam as a ‘Disease Vector’ – Physically, Spiritually, and Culturally

Mark Steyn’s a pretty smart guy.

He articulates many thoughts I was already semi-consciously thinking but for me were nebulous and inarticulate. Then Mark Steyn comes along, and like some kind of an epistemic optician, slaps the correct lens on the issue and it all slams into focus.

Diversity and Disintegration

The most important determination the media make is deciding what category a story falls into. For example, NPR recently ran a report asking the following:

How Did Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Pop Up In Spain?

Oddly enough, despite the headline, the reporter doesn’t seem that interested in answering the question. What follows is a public-health story:

The disease is a tick-borne, Ebola-like virus. Because it’s a lesser-known illness, it is often misdiagnosed. So there aren’t very good official statistics on the number of cases in many parts of the world.