Muslim who threatened church goers and threatened to kill “All English….” walks free

DRUNKEN Iraqi immigrant Zana Hussan, who is living in this country illegally, walked into a church during a Sunday service, screamed expletives and abuse at worshippers and then, after he had been arrested, threatened to “kill all the English ********”.

It is not difficult to imagine the outcry if a white Briton walked into a mosque and did something similar.

Quite rightly the perpetrator would be condemned for their insensitive, offensive and hostile behaviour.

Meanwhile the courts would have handed down the toughest sentence possible quicker than you can say the words “hate crime”.

But don’t you dare leave a bacon sandwich at a Mosque!

  • Watchman

    Threatening to kill English inside a church is nowhere near as dangerous as leaving a bacon sandwich outside a mosque – at least according to the British state, and probably according to the man who died in jail for the bacon sandwich.

    • Alain

      And nowhere near as dangerous as making an accurate statement about Islam on social media. I am talking about statements which are verifiable.

    • Kathy Prendergast

      Perhaps instead of calling the (obviously useless) police, the members of the congregation should have forced the abusive intruder to eat a bacon sandwich; that would have made it even.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Britains need to hang more bacon on mosque handles of doors and use this case as precedent to get off without penalty.

  • dapto

    Britons gone its an islamic country now so we need to stop white britons from migrating to other western countries because they allowed this to happen in their country so we cant take the risk of having them in our western democracy and them infecting our countries with their marxist ideology.

    • Tooth&Claw

      I don’t believe the average Joe Britannia wanted to see their Island overrun with people born in other countriest that have such a violent and divisive ideology. Blame the elitists who think the world is full of Unicorns, rainbows and people that are blind, deaf and dumb.

  • Arm Christians.

    All of them.

  • occupant 9

    Just because it’s “your”, or was “your” country doesn’t mean you have any special right to it. This goes doubly so for those who actually fought in the nation’s military.

    When are we going to get to the conclusion that our nations have been stolen from us under the guise of “sharing”.

  • simus1

    This is exactly what the elites want to happen so how can they punish their agents of social destruction after the fact ?

  • bargogx1

    It’s almost become amusing to see the British authorities fall all over themselves to show their double standards practically on a daily basis. It’s so blatant, I wonder if they would even bother trying to deny it at this point.

  • Dear God. I grew up in an England in which the State was the servant of the people, and you could do or say anything you liked as long as it did not incite violence. It was the envy of the world for freedom of speech and opinion.

    I moved to New Zealand ten years ago to escape the despotic clutches of the EU when it took over my dear old country, but never imagined in my foulest nightmares that England itself would become the despotic, intolerant, repressive, cruel and vindictive tyrant that it now appears to have become. Twelve months in prison for leaving a bacon sandwich outside a building simply beggars belief. It is what one would expect from some grandiose, be-medalled half-wit dictating a Third World Banana Republic, or a sadistic Muslim government. I could cry when I see what has happened to that lovely land that nurtured me.

    The NZ passports that I and my family now have are our most treasured possessions. I hope my adoptive land remains the beacon of civilisation that it currently is.

    PS: I wonder if the British authorities deliberately put that poor man in prison with Muslims, as they apparently did with Tommy Robinson, who was nearly killed by them? They seem to be very quiet about how he died.