Muslim Terrorist Extradited to US to Face Trial

An al-Qaida suspect, accused of supporting terrorists, made his initial appearance in a U.S. federal court in Philadelphia Friday, following his extradition from Spain.

Ali Charaf Damache was indicted in 2011 in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on charges that he aided terrorism, including a plan to kill Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who depicted the Prophet Muhammad as a dog.

Authorities believe Damache conspired with an American woman, Colleen La Rose, who was known as Jihad Jane, to recruit people to carry out terror attacks in Europe and Asia.

  • Clink9

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  • HalcyonDaze

    Poor bastard. If he could just escape and make to the Manitoba border he’d have itmade. Freedom, money and the adoration of thousands of lefty groupies.

    • Hard Little Machine

      Or get elected to Commons in the UK or event the House of Lords.