Muslim mother sues school dubbed ‘the socialist Eton’ for banning her from wearing face veil on its premises

A Muslim mother is threatening legal action against an elite school known as the ‘socialist Eton’ after being told not to wear a face veil there.

Rachida Serroukh, 37, said Holland Park School had discriminated against her because of her religion.

The single mother-of-three, who attended the school in Kensington, is a devout Muslim and has worn a face veil for 14 years.

She was upset when a teacher told her at a parents’ evening that she would not be allowed to cover her face in school.

  • tom_billesley

    British teens flee holiday hotel in Alanya, Turkey. Girls twice assaulted in four days, allegedly including participation by a member of hotel staff.
    Hotel staff blamed the group, saying they had been “drinking” and “looking for group sex”. Police did speak to them about the alleged crimes, but refused to speak to the girls and took a statement from the male friend.
    the British Embassy advised them (a bit late) to leave the area as there have been a high number of sex attacks against westerners.
    Between this, Erdogan’s antics, the German foreign office advice to their citizens to exercise caution, and the earthquake, how bust is Turkish tourism.

    • PaulW

      I don’t see that it will make much difference: Turkey has been disintegrating into an islamic hellhole for quite a while now, and many Europeans still insist on going there. Maybe they’re unconsciously trying to hurry their suicides along or something.

  • JoKeR
    • Gary

      Omar Khadr’s sister .

  • Tooth&Claw

    Choices, choices. Veil or not veil. It is a choice, and according to the Koran and other muslims has nothing to do with Islam. Therefore…you lose

  • PaulW

    I can’t seem to remember: what are they doing in our societies again? Oh, that’s right, they contribute to our multicultural diversity or something.

    • Surele Surele

      What do you mean, you racist/islamophobe/white supremacist (it is so easy to figure you out!)? Islam is the root of all discoveries and inventions in the world. Without Islam, there would be no math, physics, chemistry…etc, etc. One can only wander, how did the ancient world manage to build anything. Oh, wait… Allah.

      • PaulW

        I’ve sometimes wondered what would happen if (heaven forbid) the entire world did become Islamic. It’s hard to imagine that it could continue for any length of time at all – aside from the inevitable violence, the intellectual and cultural stagnation, on a practical level, things would just start breaking down and no one would have the expertise to fix them. A new dark ages, perhaps? Or perhaps even something worse? Some sort of tribal, pre-civilizational societies would take the place of civilized society. I wonder.

        • Will Quest

          Planet of the ‘veiled’ Apes……

  • simus1

    The Brit fetish for bunking into crappy muslim third world holiday resorts is one big reason we are all going to die from Globull Warming.

    • Yo Mama

      And buying muzzie middle east or norther african oil funds the terrorists.

  • Alain

    A “single mother” of three according to the article who is likely collecting welfare as such, even though she is likely the 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife of a Muslim there also living off welfare.

    • Blacksmith

      I had the same reaction to the single mother bit too.