Legalising assisted suicide is dangerous – just look at Canada

This week, the High Court heard a legal challenge from a terminally ill British man who wants the right to die. Noel Conway, who is 67-years-old and has motor neurone disease, wants an assisted death when his health deteriorates further. Lawyers are asking the courts to declare that the blanket ban on ‘assisted dying’ under the Suicide Act is contrary to the Human Rights Act. The current law on assisted dying was overwhelmingly upheld by parliament in 2015. The fact that the courts are hearing a challenge to this is deeply worrying.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Our government had no choice but to make euthanasia easy.

    Without old stock Canadians having easy availability to this how else can our government make room in publicly subsidized housing, seniors home and hospitals for all the new immigrants and refugees who will be needing places to live and people to take care of them?

  • I think you have to have a very materialistic view of life to believe that a person has a ‘right to die’ at a time of their own choosing. Even the faintest hint that there may be a bigger picture involved pulls the rug right out from the argument.