Forget ‘Post-Christian,’ America Has Become A Post-Childhood Society

Rod Dreher, an author and blogger, has made quite a name for himself lamenting our “post-Christian” descent to perdition. Evidence that Dreher is on the right track is easy to come by. What began as “acceptance” of homosexuals has morphed into a loyalty oath to all things LGBTQ that must be recited publicly regardless of your religious preference. Satanists are now finding receptive ears and affirmative votes to the placing of diabolically inspired monuments on public property. And then the post-Christian, piece de resistance, the bad guys have come for the kids, and they’re playing for keeps. From drag-queen story time to training exercises in gender dysphoria, the forces of Ba’al have proudly emerged from their Elijah-imposed exile to the highest corridors of juvenile power. There is no more of an alarming display of this than on the pages of the latest issue of Teen Vogue Magazine wherein you will find evidence that we have reached beyond Dreher’s coinage and are now in post-childhood ‘Muricah.

  • simus1

    It was not the barbarians outside Rome that caused her fall.

  • Malcolm Y

    I have to say I’m weary of “conservatives” writing social commentary on how another sign of society’s rot is X (choose your favorite X). It’s like the televangelists bitching about the ACLU but if it disappeared tomorrow they’d try to get it going again – for the contributions. Similarly these writers want to keep their comfy little sinecures – they just dart out from their caves once a week and tsk tsk and get a nice little paycheck.

    A leader is needed even stronger and “nastier” than Trump. Where he’s going to come from I don’t know but it will take most of the people being able to shrug off the inevitable, perhaps violent, backlash even if official forces of the state must be dealt with severely.