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Investigation Reveals Navy At Fault For Massive USS Fitzgerald Collision

A preliminary investigation into the collision of the USS Fitzgerald and a Philippine cargo ship in June has revealed that the U.S. Navy is at fault.

According to two defense officials who spoke with CNN, the crew aboard the USS Fitzgerald made numerous abysmal mistakes which led to the collision with the ACX Crystal in an area known for commercial shipping.


Quebec is now the main target for illegal border crossings into Canada

New figures released today show a shift in where the RCMP are arresting people crossing illegally into Canada.

Data from the federal government shows a drop in the number of people being apprehended in Manitoba, but a major increase in Quebec.

The RCMP intercepted 884 people who crossed into Canada between regular ports of entry in June in total, up from 742 the month before.

Iran Jails 12 Christians In Less Than 2 Months

The Center For Human Rights In Iran (CHRI) noted Thursday the arrest of 11 Christian converts and the leader Iran’s Assyrian Pentecostal Church as a “disturbing trend” in judicial persecution against Christians, according to Radio Free Europe. Iranian courts charged Christians with blasphemy, operating house churches, and blasphemy for drinking wine as part of the communion rite, despite the Iranian constitution’s recognition of the religion.

‘Fake Science’: Book Debunks Peer Review Scam

You’d think we were living in the golden age of science and reason. But the truth is far more sinister, says Austin Ruse. We’re actually living in the age of the low information voter, easily mislead by all-too-convincing false statistics and studies. In Fake Science, Ruse debunks so-called “facts” used to advance political causes one after the other, revealing how poorly they stand up to actual science.

Regarding the work he does at the United Nations, Ruse told Marlow, “I run into fake science all the time on the life and family issues. And then in all of the articles I wrote for Breitbart over the years, a whole lot of that was debunking the fake science that the left throws at us.”

As California’s labor shortage grows, farmers race to replace workers with robots

Driscoll’s is so secretive about its robotic strawberry picker it won’t let photographers within telephoto range of it.

But if you do get a peek, you won’t see anything humanoid or space-aged. AgroBot is still more John Deere than C-3PO — a boxy contraption moving in fits and starts, with its computer-driven sensors, graspers and cutters missing 1 in 3 berries.

  • How can California possibly have a labour shortage!?

    • Hard Little Machine

      Even a small drop in illegals represents a gap in labor. That’s how significant illegal alien inflow is. Growers are supposed to check status but they don’t. So when they’re geared up to pay 99% of their workforce illegal alien wages, a blip in the supply would drive up wages. But the economics of the industry don’t allow growers pricing flexibility. It’s the middlemen, the storage owners, the brokers and the rent holders who have the power. If growers can’t get or can’t pay labor the option is to automate. And this will drive all the small growers out anyway. Automation requires different land scale use and geography. Large growers will buy up the land and modify it for automation’s best use

  • Trump State Dept Unsure Why Palestinian Terrorists Kill Israelis

    “Officials in the Trump administration’s State Department are standing by a recent report criticized by Congress that blamed Israel for terror attacks and claimed Palestinians rarely incite violence, telling the Washington Free Beacon that it remains unclear why terrorists engage in violent acts.”

    • BillyHW

      Every bureaucrat in the State Department needs to be fired.

      Better yet, shut down the entire State Department. Which other country has a foreign affairs department that thinks it’s its own boss?

    • Norman_In_New_York

      The State Department tried to undermine Truman in 1948 just as they are trying to undermine Trump now. Knowing how Trump reacts to this sneaky behavior, there is bound to be a shakeup at State.

  • BillyHW

    There is no such thing as a labour shortage. There are only wages that are too low.