Attacked by ‘militant LGBT students,’ professor resigns

Following student accusations of “racism” and “homophobia,” and subsequently facing diminished teaching prospects, art professor Michael Bonesteel recently resigned from his position at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, claiming he was “unfairly vilified and demonized by [a] small cadre of militant LGBT students with an authoritarian agenda.”

  • simus1

    Prof Bonesteel is being far too discreet in blaming a few activist parrots. No doubt they are puppets of his real enemies – fellow faculty.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops

    In December of last year, during a class discussion regarding Henry Darger’s artwork that depicted young girls with male genitalia, Bonesteel advanced the theory that the artist may have been sexually abused as a child. A transgender student in class took offense to this theory and complained.

    They should probably shut the whole department down. Sounds like a bunch of depraved lunatics.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Funny stuff. Deconstructivism destroys Deconstructivists