Al Gore on what Canadians can do to fight climate change

Former U.S. vice-president Al Gore commended Canada for its commitment to the Paris climate accord during a Facebook live Q&A hosted by CBC’s Andrew Chang Friday.

“Justin Trudeau and the Canadian government [were] really instrumental in getting the Paris agreement … It really is beginning to drive fantastic solutions around the world.”

  • WalterBannon

    Justin Trudeau and the Canadian government are idiots

    • Alain

      As much so as all who voted for them.

  • terrence22

    If Al Gore said it, it is wrong, silly, and irrelevant

    • And not sourced in any fact.

    • U mean the opposite of course –if U possess minimal cognitive abilities or common sense, rarefied commodities that they seem here @ this remote media outback where my relatively ‘mainstream’ views (really!) are oddly outnumbered by sneering scorn for a rare U.S. breed, ie. a good-guy politician (or is this where Trump’s evil lil trolls hang out?) Either way your backward, blinkered ignorance of the globally respected Gore has zero relevance in any realm, so i suggest you become informed or (that appearing unlikely) do yourself a favor & drop out of this discussion, it’s clearly way over yr tiny head & matching maturity level..

      • terrence22

        Whatever Saz-C says is wrong, silly, and irrelevant, and stone-cold-STUPĂŹD

      • Blacksmith

        ” it’s clearly way over yr tiny head & matching maturity level..”
        That is all you have? Blithering leftist talking points, and name calling? I get it you are in love with goracle, coming here and spouting this drivel serves no purpose. If you had proof ( I am not interested in hearing any of the faked data sets) you might have something.

  • ntt1

    Fantastic solutions to a fantasy crises, Al just keeps getting richer and fatter.

    • Based on yr non-credentials as an expert on fact/science? Or just another rich/fatty couch-pig mired in his own fantasy-land, unencumbered by pesky reality or Inconvenient truths?
      If U had a clue you’d know how fat/rich polluting Corp’s have become by their persistent, unnecessary, unsustainable RAPE OF EARTH’S NATURAL RESOURCES (exacerbated by Govt’s. criminal collusion/denial/inaction) which only the most brainwashed moron, besides corrupt polluters themselves of course, would advocate over reducing pollution & going sustainable: DUH (U = a FOOL)

      • shasta

        Oh look – a snowflake has arrived in the middle of July!

      • Blacksmith

        More name calling, and a desert of facts. Go away troll.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Go defenestrate yourself Al.

  • Is this guy cereal?

      • Now I get it! 🙂

        • So do i: most people (the ‘LCD’) are followers who don’t/ won’t think for themselves & thus are easily fed/led by corporate bs, mainstream media, mass marketing etc.. Instead of expanding their knowledge, they repeat propaganda & further the unethical/unsustainable practices that continue needlessly, recklessly RAPING Earth’s resources in pursuit of extreme wealth for the few.. (EG. SOW WHAT WE REAP? TAKE ONLY WHAT WE NEED?)

          Curious: how do YOU imagine you’ve benefitted from all this destruction/pollution? Aren’t you interested in ‘doing your bit’ to fast-track phasing out polluters, going renewable/sustainable etc?

          ‘Knowledge is power’, isn’t it time we quit honing our diffs & opt iN to involvement @ a level beyond ‘trolling’ scorn for those with the guts to face facts/ improve our treatment of Earth + each other?

          • If Al Gore truly wants to help the environment, first of all, he should actually prove that man-made global warming is factual, not some disparate bits of information and observances hobbled together.

            Secondly, he should practise what he preaches at a great price. He should down-size his massive home, idling cars, private jet and performances.

            Thirdly, he should insist that real polluters like China, India and Russia clean up their environments at a great cost to themselves.

  • I’m actually DISGUSTED by Canada’s failure to own/reduce its polluting emissions & resulting worsening effects (fires/ floods/ landslides/ leaks etc.etc.) & see Trudeau’s WEAK non-pledge for ‘economic growth’ @ G20 (not ‘sustainability’? ‘Clean energy’?) = cont’d inaction/status-quo BS enabling ongoing harmful/toxic exacerbation of the problem by polluters!?
    What’s to deny? Science doesn’t lie: transitioning OUT OF harmful wasteful polluting ways INTO efficient renewable sustainable ops (in all sectors) is imperative! & those who –STILL?– decry/deny/despair the obvious (staring us in the face & worsening for far too long) are as deleterous/irrelevant/obsolete as coal-burning, fracking & open-pit mining have proven HARMFUL, UNSUSTAINABLE.. & UNNECESSARY (as sustainable alternatives, already UP & RUNNING in more progressive parts, are proving with undeniable success) COME ON CANADA, CATCH UP & COMMIT TO OUR POLLUTION-FREE FUTURE NOW! And while we’re at it, MAKE POLLUTERS PAY FOR OUR OVERDUE TRANSITION TO SUSTAINABILITY, WITH ALL THOSE DIRTY DOLLARS MADE OFF RAPING OUR RESOURCES TO THE DETRIMENT OF FUTURE GENERATIONS: A LEGACY OF LAZY EXCESS/GREED/WASTE WE’D BE FOOLS TO ACCEPT..

    • El Martyachi
    • shasta

      A typical screed by a young person who has no education but has had 20 years of indoctrination by our so called school system. The less they know the louder they yell and scream like the lunatics that they are.

      • If you had the benefit of basic education under yr belt, you’d refrain from such a brainless assessment of my measured, unremarkable views: It’s hardly rocket-science that polluting industries do more harm than good & make million$ needlessly raping our resources dry with excess toxic waste & worse: they must (& can!) be replaced by clean, sustainable, updated technologies that don’t destroy our livable environment: IT’S CALLED ACTUAL PROGRESS! (TOO COMPLICATED FOR YR SIMPLE MINDS?) U prefer to be held hostage by faulty, stinky, toxic old ways just so some corrupt greedy obsolete polluters can keep getting richer while ruining EARTH’S regenerating, renewable lifeforce? (WTF?) NO THANX!
        Ps. We learned of the Greenhouse Effect in elementary school!

        • Blacksmith

          Too lazy to type the word ‘your’?

          • shasta

            If you want a real laugh take a look at her website. Truly Bozos are us.

        • Blacksmith

          Oh and by the way the ice record shows CO2 levels many times what they are today in the remote past and we still came to life, and the earth was cooler in those times.

        • shasta

          “Ps. We learned of the Greenhouse Effect in elementary school!”

          Of that i have no doubt. Let us know when you graduate.

    • ntt1

      That’s why purely emotion driven women must never be in full control. You are irrational

      • OOOH spouting tired old clichĂ©s & hurling insults, you SOUND SOOO SMART! (but the basic 3-fingers-pointing-back deal draws a blank in that cool man-brain of yours eh?) YAWN..

        • ntt1

          In your case it is irrationality and deep rage you prove my point

  • Blacksmith

    What Al gore can do to fight climate change, FOAD!