Afghan refugees videotaped gang rape of mentally handicapped man. Prosecutor didn’t seek deportation

The Swedish newspaper Fria Tider reports that on 16 February 2017, a mentally handicapped man was lured into an institution for the care and accommodation of those in need, a so-called HVB-house (HVB-hem). These are used in Swedish municipalities for the care of children, adolescents, but also adults or families with children if they are in need of treatment or care, support, or education. They deal with substance abuse, but they also provide shelter for unaccompanied minors.

  • Gary

    I’ve got 2019 in the Pool for when this is the norm in Canada.

    • Alain

      It already is the norm when Canada refuses to stripe terrorists who are duel citizens of their Canadian citizenship and do nothing when a cabinet minister is discovered to have obtained her citizenship by fraud, and even gives convicted terrorists a huge pay out. I believe that qualifies us as already being there.

  • Blacksmith

    What the hell? Ah Sweden, never mind.