Trudeau’s Mistake With Payette

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pick for Governor General, Julie Payette, is getting a lot of unwanted attention as yet another revelation regarding her time in the United States threatens to undermine her nomination to the post. But those discoveries are unlikely to derail her nomination to the largely ceremonial position.

Public relations specialists who spoke to Yahoo Canada News aren’t so sure that the controversy is worth the attention it’s received, even if the optics of it don’t look good for the Trudeau government.

“Certainly the way the story is breaking is going to throw some challenges for the government and Madame Payette,” says Danny Roth, president of Brandon Communications, a Toronto-based public relations firm. “You’ve got to be forthcoming, there’s got to be an openness because if it’s perceived that this was in any way hidden or ignored, that’s going to prove to be an insurmountable challenge.”

However, those same specialists said that the best course of action in such a situation is to be open and transparent, otherwise it opens the government up to charges of willful negligence. Instead, Trudeau should be pressing the case for why, despite these new revelations, Payette is still the right person for the job.

“If the government knew about this and still felt she was the best person to represent the Queen and assume this very important position,” says Roth, “then I would propose that the government go out and very strongly continue to make the case for why they believe she is the right person.”

  • DaninVan

    Let’s get back to MiniT and the Aga Khan; something that matters.

    (With the number of morons wearing earbuds and focused on their smart phones, obliviously stepping into traffic, there but for the Grace etc…)

  • ontario john

    Well at least the CBC is staying away from this story. They know where their money comes from. Just keep pumping out those Islamophobia stories like the rest of the media. I can’t believe that moron of a prime minister couldn’t find one person in Canada for the GG job, that didn’t have a history of assault and killing someone in an accident because she was stressed out. But then this is the same prime minister who thinks its normal to have private conversations with commie Chinese billionaires at fund raisers, and lay on the beach with a muslim con man.

  • tom_billesley

    She spent 9 days in space with a Russian cosmonaut. Have the mainstream media got wind of this yet?

    • New Centurion

      LOL Brilliant!

    • ontario john

      Oh my God! She is a Russian spy!!!

    • She’s clearly a spy!

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …another “Mad Mike” Bryant…

  • Martin B

    Turdeau vets his Governor Generals just like he vets his Syrian refugees.

    “…the best course of action in such a situation is to be open and transparent”

    That’s never an option for Liberals or Turdeau.

  • WalterBannon

    Its very symbolic that the liberal government has selected a convicted felon to lead their government. tells you all you need to know about them.

    • Frances

      Precisely what has Dr Payette been convicted of?

  • Waffle

    Does anyone think that Beavis and Butthed give a flying eff about what anyone of us think? They stacked the deck long ago — lots of newly-minted “Liberals” will ensure their continued reign. The continued corruption of EC to look the other way will ensure the inevitable outcome.

    I on’t know about y’all but the way I see it, our outrage and fury at the destruction and mockery of our beautiful country, its symbols and traditions is an aphrodisiac for the destroyers