Three Israelis dead, one wounded in West Bank stabbing attack

Three Israelis were killed and one severely wounded in a stabbing attack in the West Bank town of Halamish on Friday evening.

The Israel Defense Forces reported that an assailant infiltrated a private home in the community of Halamish, also known as Neve Tsuf, north west of Ramallah, and stabbed four Israeli civilians. Three of the victims died as a result of their wounds, and one was evacuated to Shaare Tzedek hospital.

The assailant, whom Channel 2 identified as Palestinian, was shot by a neighbor. Palestinian media have identified  the attacker as Omar al Abed, age 20, from the West Bank village of Khobar, near Ramallah. He left an online manifesto before the attack in which he stated that he felt obligated to act in light of recent events

… According to MDA, a 60-year-old man, a 60-year-old woman, and a 40 year-old-man, were killed, and a woman, 60, was injured.

…Hamas has issued a statement of support for the attack, calling it a “necessary reaction” to new Israeli security procedures at the Temple Mount. In a tweet, they called it “heroic.”

The photo at the link is awful, I’m not even putting it up.

  • Watchman

    It a war of Civilization against the tide of barbarians. Without the distressing photographs, the muslims just pass this incident off as ‘resistance’, a neat clean bloodless concept done by compassionate people with legitimate grievances: except that the reality is different as the actual photo show the grim reality.

    There’s a war underway in the media and showing all the muslim victims yet refusing to show any victims of muslim aggression helps our enemy. The amount of coverage given to the drowned Aylan Kurdi on a Turkish beach without any blurring or pixellation of the face/body must be compared by the refusal of the press to show the uncensored crushed and dismembered victims of immigrant truck attacks in Europe.

    I don’t really know where the balance lies between showing the results of violence against Westerners and respect for the victims and their family and friends, but I do know we are losing in the war waged in the media with images.

    I think the bloody scene picture is instructive in what the Jews are fighting against without unnecessarily adding to the hurt to the family.

    • Maggat

      A sickening photo, but necessary to see to grasp the evil we must face.