‘They’ll become terrorists’: Millionaire entrepreneur Dick Smith says high immigration will create an angry underclass of unemployed – and likens population growth to cancer

Millionaire entrepreneur Dick Smith predicts Australia will suffer from a spate of terrorist attacks if it continues taking in 200,000 migrants a year.

  • P_F

    Think what’s going to happen in canada where the total intake has reached almost a million (immigrants, students, TFW, refugees & illegals).
    The demographic of all major cities & towns are changing overnight.
    You can walk miles upon miles around these cities without encountering one white canadian face (except some homeless/druggies) or hearing one word of English.
    And no it’s not xenophobic to point out this fact it’s a genocide happening in canada sanctioned by our elected officials.

  • WalterBannon

    he is correct

  • Reziac

    And just who elected these officials?

    If you don’t like the results — ELECT DIFFERENT OFFICIALS!

    • DMB

      It doesn’t seem to matter who you elect these days (maybe with the exception of Donald Trump) since nearly all of our politicians and political parties are in support of mass immigration with the intention of major demographic change.