Sweden: Nearly no low-skilled immigrants want to study

Two years after receiving a residence permit, only three to four percent of low-skilled immigrants attend adult education.

  • Blacksmith

    Why should they? They are well paid to do nothing.

    • Hard Little Machine

      yes – even fewer than that number work.

    • Editor

      Actually, they do a lot. They wage jihad, rape young women and boys, set cars on fire, rob and assault people. Where are they supposed to find time to attend adult education programs?

      • Blacksmith


  • marty_p

    I wonder what the stats are for Somalis in Toronto – must be similar based upon the number of Somalis of working age I see lounging around whenever I am on Dixon Rd or Weston Rd and Lawrence.

    • Blacksmith

      I hate that area, unfortunately there are factories in the area I have to work at.

      • Liberal Progressive

        Well somebody has to support them.

  • Nic

    Low IQ inbreds INCAPABLE of studying

  • simus1

    As their holy men tell them, everything is in the koran, infidels know nothing.

    • Alain

      And the infidels owe them a living.

  • favill

    If you pay people to not work….and let them get away, because of ethnicity/religious belief with crime….that allows them to live a very comfortable life on welfare and tax-free plunder from theft. White people are stooopid!! By the way, all you hard-working white folks (because you’re still the majority in society)…you pay taxes so your police can stand by while you’re being burgled/raped/beaten and the politicians you pay with those very same taxes make laws and policies that allow all that to happen to you….Like I said…STOOOPID!

  • Alain

    They did not go there to work, so I have no idea who thought otherwise.