Revealed, the 173 ISIS bombers planning to attack Europe: Interpol publishes list of suspected members of jihadi suicide brigade

  • List of potential suicide bombers has been circulated to security services, according to report
  • 173 names have been shared by Interpol, The Guardian has revealed 
  • The list was compiled by the FBI and shared to intelligence services across the world
  • Today a US intelligence chief said foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq are likely to remain rather than returning to their homelands
  • Watchman

    So thats a 173 x 10.5 = C$1.817 billion compensation offer by Justin for Canada’s failure to ensure that their human rights are preserved?

    • felis gracilis

      But first he has to bring them into Canada, but no problem; what’s another 173 to be given asylum?

  • simus1

    likely to remain …………. in turkey …………. under erdogan’s wing?

  • And they get to come back to Canada.