Next in line for 10 Million Trudeau Dollars refuses to attend court hearing on terror charges

A woman who is facing terrorism-related charges after allegedly threatening people with a knife at a Scarborough Canadian Tire failed to attend a court appearance today.

A suspect identified as Rehab Dughmosh was arrested in June after an incident in which she allegedly swung a golf club at employees at the hardware store near Markham and Lawrence Avenues and
threatened them with a knife while expressing support for the Islamic State.

Dughmosh was initially charged with seven charges, including assault with a weapon, assault and threatening death.

  • ontario john

    So let me get this straight. You can commit a terrorist act in feminist Trudeau’s Canada, and even admit your a terrorist, but your allowed to walk the streets. Just what exactly does a muslim terrorist have to do in Sunny Ways Canada, to get thrown in jail.

    • Only Swami Justin can answer that question.

    • Waffle

      Can’t you read???? She IS in jail!!! And once you have mastered the simple task of reading English, do yourself a favour and learn how to spell properly.

      • Gary

        This is the pre-trial stage . She will be out on the Street even with a guilty verdict and guilty plea to boast about doing it for allah.
        The Courts lower the bar for these 10th century knuckle-dragging sloths because they aren’t fully human yet. In about 1400 more years of islam they will still be in our old 17th century.

        • Waffle

          Lots of speculation on your part, unless, of course you have a crystal ball. The salient point is that she is currently behind bars and isn’t swinging golf clubs at Crappy Tire.

      • Bataviawillem

        I am puzzled, why did they not drag her into the court?

        • Waffle

          I think what is going on is that our whole legal system is being tested. In my opinion, I think that this woman was very carefully coached. So how she is treated and how she is represented will be very important.

          At the same time the Eatons Food Court shooter has been granted a new trial over what seems to me to be a relatively minor procedural matter (I am NOT a lawyer nor do I have a relevant legal background) so I cannot help but think that somehow these two cases are connected (both are criminal matters and are being tried in federal courts) in a nefarious attempt to tie up our under-resourced courts (there are many vacancies in our federal courts that need to be filled) and perhaps, by default, pervert the course of justice. But of course, this is just my unqualified opinion

    • Show up at an abortuary with a pro-life sign or say that Islamist terrorism is wrong. That might get you into a spot of bother.

  • BillyHW

    I wonder how much welfare she’s extorting from you and I.

    • Ottawa Eyes

      Under which names since they ususally have multiple IDs they use.

  • k1962

    Where is she from and when did she come here and can we send her back!

  • Achmed

    There will be peace only when all is Islam.

    • simus1

      Faint hope. Maybe when one sect can manipulate all the others to keep slaughtering until they erase themselves.

  • JohnfromToronto

    Dog mush? That doesn’t sound very Islamic.