Macron’s Terrorism Idiocy

Drought in Somalia

According to Macron, climate change causes droughts and migration, which exacerbates crises as populations fight over shrinking resources. If Macron really believes that, France and Europe are in for some tough times.

  • Starlord

    Maybe we can all just admit these people are all fucktards (migrants) and no matter what you do to help it will be fucktardery. Some cultures are better thanks others. And I’m not heartless.

  • Gary

    Toronto should just ask immigrant from hot climates how they adapted to no snow and really hot summers.
    We wouldn’t need road salt that gets into the Lake, no seniors slipping on ice, no huge heating bills for gas or oil, no snow tires .
    I’d love to go boating around Toronto’s harbour or the islands in January and even on a Jet-Ski .

    I can’t see the downsize because Liberals spend Thousand$ every year to go to Cuba in January or even Mexico for the heat. So it won’t be shock for Liberals while poor will have to get AC units .

    • Yo Mama

      They don’t go to Cuba for the heat. It’s more likely the kiddie prostitutes.

      • just_one_Sewer Rat_guy

        Pointers on how to run a country.

  • Alain

    Unless Macaron was referring to Stalin, Castro, Mao and all the other totalitarian thugs as “climate change”, he is out to lunch.

    • Was Macaron a typo for Macron or Macaroon?

      • Maggat


        • Do you mean the pasta or this from Wikipedia:
          “There is indeed a kind of animal, neither male nor female, a thing of the neuter gender, lately [1770] started up among us. It is called a macaroni. It talks without meaning, it smiles without pleasantry, it eats without appetite, it rides without exercise, it wenches without passion”

  • Dave

    OMFG, another politician as retarded as Trudope.
    We are truly doomed.

  • Hard Little Machine

    California is still experiencing the effects of a 5 year drought. When is Macro going to take in millions of Californian refugees?

  • tom_billesley

    There’s no surer way to squander resources than to invite invasion by muslims.