Justine Damond: Killed by “Islamophobia”

Mohamed Noor is not a jihad terrorist. This was not a jihad attack. He is just a trigger-happy, panicky, reckless individual who held his job not because he was fit for it, but because of what he symbolized. And in the wake of his failure, Minneapolis multiculturalists aren’t about to reconsider their religion. On the contrary, they are doubling down.

  • marty_p

    And how is this different than Justin Truedope appointing a Somali Muslim to be Canada’s Minister of Immigration? (Simply because Justin is a vote whore and was courting the Muslim vote).

  • Gary

    Buck in the mid 1970’s we had the push to hire more non-white Cops in Toronto. But it was so odd that the Pakistani Muslims pushed for it and called the Age & Height standards Racist to keep them out because their short and can’t get hired. The men from India were taller on average and got the jobs , this was when I experience a racist Cop that hated Whites and Christians.
    I heard about this Cop and thought it was just bigotry to not want Brown Officers. One night I’m coming home in my Brothers car and was stopped about 8 house Addresses away from my Apartment building driveway entrance.
    The License Plate light had burned out from the recent 1500 mile trip in a fairly new car.
    This was the Cop i heard about. He took all the ID and Documents and had me sit there for about 30 minutes to wire a ticket to ME rather than a normal Cop that would see my Address and the New car to warn me get the bulb changed tomorrow.

    I still say that the lowering of the Standards for a Cop juts to hire more Asian’s, Hindu’s , Muslims and women has created trigger happy Mini-cops that shoot first from the slightest feeling or a threat.
    Cops used to have to be 25 to get in and 21 as a cadet. Now it’s 19 for a Cadet and 21 for a Cop.
    Bitter angry racists with no life experience and fresh out of College or University that brainwashed them how evil and oppressive White Canadians while the female cops are men haters and lesbians.
    Now the TPSB thinks it’s a good idea to give guns to pro-sharia jew-hating hijab wearing muslims or devout pro-sharia muslim males like Nidal Hessein that shot-up Fort Hood .

    The RCMP claims that they spend $50 million a year to monitor suspect jihadists. Wow , why don’t they just go to the TTC , TDSB , TPSB and the Liberal party to see actual Terrorism supporters.

  • Ed

    “…It is unjust and ridiculous to assert that an entire community be held responsible for the actions of one person…”

    No, mayor, just you.

  • bverwey

    I got as far as the title at the link and did not go further down. “Islamophobia” caused her death. That’s like saying Turdeau wears gay (femme) looking socks. Can’t be. It’s coming around to slap the fools right in the face … or throat. Mooselimbs are the problem.

    Other news stories on this report “heard a startling sound” caused the shooters finger to pull the trigger …. at a woman in her night clothes …. at the door opposite him talking to his fellow police officer. Really?