Facebook Censors Anti-Sharia Law Page

Facebook is continuing to censor Conservative websites critical of Islam.

  • BillyHW

    Zuck is a cuck for sure.

  • favill

    Do you think the reason so many Jewish people living in the West are so adamantly anti-Christian is the fact…that although their ancestors left the Middle East because of Muslim depredations (beginning in the 7th Century AD and continuing to this day)…those have been forgotten…and their “corporate memory” only remembers the pogroms done by the Christians?

    • tom_billesley

      No. I think most Jews are smarter than that.

      • favill

        I’m not saying they aren’t smart…but there are things “learned at your grandparents’ knee” that colours your way of thinking. Zuckerberg, Sorros, pretty much every Jewish person involved with the Democrat Party either as a politician or as a member, a lot of Jewish people here in Canada are Liberals (even though the Liberals were the ones who turned away the ship full of Jewish refugees just before WW2). Not to mention that many of the earliest zealots in the Bolshevik Revolution were Jewish as was Karl Marx.

  • David
  • roccolore

    Facebook has no problem with pro-Sharia pages.

  • Slickfoot

    Mark Faceberger is a pandering virtue signaling asshole.

  • pdxnag

    If Mark Zuckerberg hosted a debate club competition at a high school everybody would be declared a winner and a champion. All debates would have only one debater.

    Let Zuckerberg instead refute or rebut the unrefutable and unrebutable recorded history of Mohammad, and his ample list of horrible deeds. Oh wait, it was Robert Spencer who tried this, by positing the argument that Mohammad never existed and that the stories were fabricated. Even if Mohammad is fiction all that matters is that some folks believe that he was real, and that his evil deeds were instead good and should be mimicked forever – until all non-Muslims are dead or converted.