Wisconsin: Marquette University pays for faculty to attend “Overcoming Islamophobia” workshop

When will Marquette pay faculty to attend a workshop about the ideological and theological roots of jihad terrorism? Why, that would be inconceivable. And so would any honest discussion of the jihad terror threat at Marquette or most, if not all, other universities in the U.S. today, especially Catholic universities. They are radioactive centers of hard-Left indoctrination, not institutions of higher learning in any genuine sense.

  • A true, morally confident, proud Islamophobe would never allow himself to be bamboozled into an anti-Islamophobia seminar. Islamophobia is reason itself, since it is against the folly and evil of Islam.

    • Editor

      And as long as the left in academia controls the “narrative” and the language, and a healthy, informed, fact based concern for the ideology and actions of islam is labeled a phobia, we’ll continue having to suffer this kind of nonsense.

  • simus1

    marxist termite run sanctuaries
    You would expect that makers of truth telling, hard hitting documentaries would be fascinated by the process that produces these toxic mutant educational facilities and really dig deep. Just like they did when Emperor Barry popped up out of nowhere to grab the crown.

  • Observer

    After all Islam means submission.

  • felis gracilis

    And Wisconsin isn’t even in the top ten of liberal loony states.


    What kind of seminars must the academic crazies be holding in New York and California? How to enjoy the looming bliss of sharia law?