Why we should oppose the Advertising Standards Authority’s gender jihad

The most shocking thing about the Advertising Standards Authority’s announcement that it will censor ‘gender-stereotypical’ images in ads is that there has been so little shock in response to it. Censorship once stirred up passion and opposition. People bristled at being told what they could see or hear. Not this time. The ASA, which regulates the content of ads in UK newspapers, on TV and radio and online, bullishly declared yesterday that it will take a ‘tougher line’ on ‘ads that feature stereotypical gender roles’ and ensure they are expunged from public life. And there was barely a flicker of fuss. It is terrifying how normalised censorship has become.

  • BillyHW

    The Left will not be satisfied until they have imposed their religion on you.

  • tom_billesley

    Advertisements increasingly figure a few black people.
    However, if it’s a Coca Cola ad it’ll be used as evidence that the manufacturer is responsible for the diabetes of plack people.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I thought that was a ruse being used to cover up the fact that blacks believe that Coke contains secret ingredients which render black men sterile.

  • Hard Little Machine

    How do you sell tampons that way

  • PaulW

    This drive to censor anything with a sexually provocative connotation to it, or that involves alcohol and partying … that wouldn’t have anything to do with the huge numbers of muslim immigrants to the UK, would it? You know, those folk who think women should be shrouded from head to toe, who hate fun and music and the like. I suppose that one day, all British women will end up wearing stylish grim reaper outfits as the height of fashion.