“Vetting” Did Not Uncover Julie Payette’s Assault Charge, Apparently

Oh, boy:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says a “deep and extensive” vetting process showed no issues that should prevent Julie Payette from being Governor General — but he still refuses to say whether he’d discussed with Payette her past legal issues.

Pressed Thursday by reporters over whether he’d talked to Payette about two police matters from 2011 that have come to light via media reports, Trudeau was vague. “The conversations I had with Mme. Payette centred around the extraordinary service, her vision of the country, her vision of the role that she would fulfill as Governor General, and demonstrated to me her extraordinary strength in being one of our great Governor Generals,” he said.

“The vetting process is deep and extensive, and raised absolutely no issues that would prevent her from being Governor General.”


  • Alain

    The mockery of this position continues full steam ahead. Perhaps we should just be thankful Khadr was not picked.

  • Maggat

    I’m surprised that hopeless idiot can wipe his own ass.

    • SMC_BC

      Maybe he doesn’t.

      • terrence22

        he probably uses his left hand, like muslims are supposed to.

  • WalterBannon

    A felon is the Governor General of Canada?

    Nice banana republic there Justine Trudope.

  • LairdKintyre

    I can’t wait for Julie’s installment as GG. When Feminist Justin stands up and proclaims her as Canada’s first female Governor General I will laugh so hard I’ll probably puke. (Did we forget Madam Sauve? Your dad appointed her. Adrienne Clarkson, remember? Surely you are a fan of her show. Michelle Jean? C’mon dunderhead don’t you watch the news?). Seriously folks. I’d bet money on it he’ll say it’s our first female GG

  • ontario john

    Another great achievement for feminist Trudeau. Of all the people in Canada he could choose from for GG, he picks someone with assault charges that were covered up. I imagine the media will drop the story pretty fast, as they did with him fund raising with commie Chinese billionaires, and spending time on a private island with a muslim con man.

  • marty_p

    I am quite satisfied with Julie Payette’s nomination – I fully expected that Turdeau to have nominated a black hijab clad Muslima.