USPS broke law in allowing workers to boost Clinton campaign, watchdog says

The United States Postal Service violated federal law by letting employees do union-funded work for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and other Democratic candidates while on leave from the agency, according to an Office of Special Counsel report obtained by Fox News.

  • Gary

    I stood back over the last 45 years and wondered when Immigrants and refugees would wake-up to the fact that Liberals see them as ignorant peons to be exploited for their votes. The wealthy white Liberals still have their wealthy white areas in the GTA and Montreal as well as their retreats in the summer to get away from the common folks.
    But in the last 20 years with the self-segregation and minority Ghettos they new seem to embrace being useful-idiots and sell their Votes for special Rights or hold off on any Riots or Terrorism ( now that radical islam has roots in Toronto ).

    The Diversity quota system and Human Rights Commissions has allowed new comers to get into the core of our Politics and Security and the Public Sector Unions to push their agenda.
    If you ever need a laugh and watch the CBC’s “quality journalism” News and special . You will think that Canada is 60% gay , 40% muslim, 80% single moms, 40% refugees, 75% non-whites, 80% feminists , 90% immigrants, 30% homeless people, 60% on welfare, 40% on Disability, 60% with Hijabs/Niqabs , 75% on bicycles , 40% in hybrid cars , 80% Liberals and 5% white heterosexual Christians.

    Toronto offers services in over 100 languages and has over 60 areas based on a past Nationality but is then broken down for religion, colour and income.

    The Democrats are the Party of the KKK and Slavery and yet each Election we see people like Obama and Hillary pretend that THEY are the defenders for Rights and the poor while THOSE people are the racists and 1% er’s no paying their fair share of taxes.
    Liberals caught on to that. Plus I now see the US communists in the Unions that spilled into Canada and now mirror their demands in CUPE and the Teachers . We have sanctuary Cities which is what the Unions wanted in US cities for more jobs to service illegals . Then we have the calls for a Government Income to every person that is assured even if you have a job which is the US goal for Communists and democrats.
    Even our Public sector unions have jew-haters and anti-West Progressives that have now aligned with the islamofascists to help them get Mosques in public schools and pork banned form Lunch rooms in Police Station .

    Doesn’t shock me that the US Postal Service favoured Hillary because it just came out that they also give Amazon a $1.46 discount per package.

    Makes me wonder about 9-1-1 calls by muslim girls that fear an Honour killing but the Employee on the Phone is a Niqab wearing hard-core jew-hating
    pro sharia muslim that uses the information to tip-off her Imam that she’s a trouble maker. Then we have the Hijab wearing Cops sent to the home that agree with the parents that the daughter offended islam and allah.

    The TDSB and TPSB are corrupt as well as areas in the Government for the leaders and the Unions. Get used to it because Justin is racing towards a $1 trillion debt to buy the 2019 election while Wynne’s Liberals are racing towards a $400 billion debt to buy the June 2018 Election .

    • Justin St.Denis

      I would provide safe shelter to anyone whom I was convinced actually could bring down the Canadian government. Under Turdeau, it has become most obvious how genuinely evil is the Federal government of Canada.

      • Gary

        Toronto needs to have the Electoral Seats broken up to make fewer while more are created outside Toronto.
        the city is now a majority non-white and non canadian background where the large Block of Seats for MP’s and MPP’s can sway an election which got Justin in power from just 39% of the votes.

        Canada was built by Canadians and belongs to Canadians. I’m sick of the Leaders going around to Community Centre’s and telling Minorities that they built Canada .
        Toronto should separate and take their Debt with them and keep all the malcontent’s wanting FREE stuff.

  • irishrus

    The Ontario teachers unions would be proud … they did no less for the Ontario liberal party from the excess raises they get from taxpayers, compliments of Mcgoofy and Wynne loser.

  • Mark Matis

    But will anyone be prosecuted for this crime?

    You know the answer to that question. And that is why I thank God every time he sends another pig to burn in hell where they belong, for it is THEY who enable this.

  • Sharkibark

    Lololololollll and still she lost 😛

    • sk6actual

      Odin smiles …