Trudeau pot deadline ‘super-duper’ but Premiers demand an actual plan

Canada’s premiers say the federal government needs to more fully answer questions surrounding the legalization of cannabis or they will need more time to get their rules in place.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    With all the newspaper ink being used on this issue, it’s almost as if pot legalization is Justin’s and the Liberal Party’s “Manhattan Project”.

  • Jay Currie

    Ha…when I was writing my book about how to open a pot shop (yup, on amazon) it struck me a) that there was not likely to be enough “legal” pot to meet demand, b) only in Canada does the question, “Marijuana: a federal or provincial responsibility?”

    Meanwhile the grey market, largely unregulated, continues to flourish and, if the Libs had half a brain, could be the entire marketplace with “illegal” pot gradually being driven out by large scale “legal” grow ops.

  • Alain

    Since this is the government’s priority, I guess we do not have any serious issues facing the country.

  • How can he hoodwink the stoner set if the law isn’t passed?