Temple Mount Tensions: Police, Army Prepare for Massive Friday Clashes; Netanyahu Weighs Removing New Security Measures

Confrontations expected in Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza as Muslim custodian calls for massive Al-Aqsa prayers.

  • marty_p

    Just another example of Palestinians playing the victim. It’s pretty obvious what they are up to – Trump is pushing the Pali’s into formulating an agreement with Israel and what better way to torpedo the prospects and maintain the status quo…since the Pali’s want all or nothing.
    The Pali’s are upset the world (other than a few diehard idiots like Roger Waters) has basically given up caring about them and several of Arab countries (especially the Saudi’s) have figured out that the Palestinians are a lost cause – so time to make a few headlines and rile up the Arab street.

  • Ego

    The worst thing Netanyahu could do is give in — that would only embolden the Arabs to continue making demands. The only language they understand is butt-kicking.

    • I agree, but I would be surprised if he does not relent. Much pressure is on him from abroad, including the US. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

      • Ego

        You are probably right, but compromises like that will only perpetuate the problem.

        • Alain

          Along with making the problem worse each time.

  • Brett_McS

    Netanyahu must know that removing the security checks would make him seem personally responsible for the next knife attack there.

  • Heather Robinson

    Violence expected Friday— as the religion-of-peace celebrates their peaceful holy day.

  • Netanyahu: European policy towards Israel is ‘crazy’ – Israeli Prime Minister heard in private conversation saying Europe not sure whether it wants to survive or disappear. ‘Close your borders.’

  • fedupwithislam

    This is definitely not the time for appeasement. Stand firm!

  • Norman_In_New_York

    A word of caution: Haaretz is Israel’s leading purveyor of fake news.

    • Alain

      Pretty much the Israeli version of The Guardian or NYT.