Islamist Leader Claims That Muslims Are the New Jews

The audacity!

On Sunday, an Islamist leader in Australia compared the plight of Muslims in the West today to that of Jews in Germany leading up to the Holocaust. He suggested that Muslims face the same fear and hatred that led Adolf Hitler to try to exterminate the Jews, and warned that a similar evil might be employed against Muslims in the near future.

  • Bla Bla

    I see how this works… Kill the kuffar, then complain when they notice.

  • John Boy

    No, they’re the original Nazis.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Anything that any Muslim had to say on any subject, is a lie.

  • Halal Bacon

    Liberals say it’s ok to hate the jews. This clown says moslems are the new jews. Ok mr asshat. I hate moslems.

  • I don’t think that these guys can make up their minds.

    First, the Holocaust didn’t happen.

    Then, it DID happen but didn’t go far enough.

    Then it only happened to them.

    These guys are perfect leftists.

    • Watchman

      Logic is not one of the strong points of islam, with obvious contradictions in the Qur’an, Sunnah and Hadith. We find it difficult to understand, being immersed in our civilisation of logic, reason, cause and effect – ideas that hold little sway in muslims.

  • shasta

    As the article points out, this BS argument has been made for a long time, and the only ones who believe it are their moronic followers; and JT of course.

  • Watchman

    For this to even start to be a valid comparison, the following points would have to be met:
    1) 40% of muslims would have to have been murdered within 12 years, or around 650 million of the claimed 1.6 billion muslims
    2) This 650 million would have to go mostly quietly to their deaths,
    3) The muslims would have to excise the parts in their religious texts where war must be made on everyone else on the planet who isn’t muslim
    4) Islam would have to not actively recruit new followers
    5) The only land that the muslims would lay claim to would be the limited area around Mecca and Medina
    6) The IQ of muslims would have to be raised to 107
    7) The muslims would have to be an extremely hard working productive part of society, and be the group with the highest proportion awarded Nobel Scientific prizes

    Only if the above points are met could any valid comparison be made. I don’t believe it is possible, even with the best efforts of Allah.

    • occupant 9

      On point 1. Isn’t 1.6 BILLION Muhammadans a “minority”? Points 2-7 are fantastic impossibilities.

      That said, of course Muhammadans are the “new Jews” because they said so. Guffaw.

      • Watchman

        A minority of people in the world compared to the current 7.5+ billion, but as you imply its still a huge number in absolute numbers.

  • Tooth&Claw

    He forgets a couple of salient facts.
    Jews were integrated and wished to be part of the larger German society.
    Jews did not wage jihad on anyone not sharing their faith, or demand that they follow Jewish religious rules.

  • Minicapt

    “… what will be the ‘final solution’ to this ‘Muslim question?”
    It ends with Allah getting to opportunity to sort them out.